Torik's Beds

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Torik's Beds is a Premium Home Furniture shop in Zul Logoth. It is located southwest of Fleishort's Flooring in Furniture Foyer.

[Torik's Beds]
A rolton wool rug spans a large area of the cold stone floor, with brightly painted pots housing luminescent toadstools placed at each corner. Resting atop a pair of large, rounded boulders is a faux-maple board which serves as a makeshift counter for the shop. You also see an etched pale slate sign and Torik.


      Price  Item
1.)   30000  a wrought iron bed
2.)   25000  a deep indigo canvas cot
3.)  125000  a four poster glaes-inlaid bed
4.)   45000  a smooth opal-veined slab
5.)  100000  a massive invar-traced sleighbed
6.)   65000  a polished pink granite slab
7.)  125000  a four poster eostone-inlaid bed
8.)   35000  some plush rolton wool pillows