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Town clerics are NPCs who can raise a fallen adventurer from the dead, usually for a price.

Their services are costlier and not as effective as player clerics, but are usually preferred over decaying when no other clerics can be found. To make use of a town cleric, the body must be dragged to the room where the town cleric is, and the dead should ASK {CLERIC} FOR RAISE, or ASK {CLERIC} FOR RESURRECTION.

List of town clerics

  • Wehnimer's Landing
Chapel of Life on Erebor Square (from Town Square Central: E, E, E, S, S, E, GO PILLARS, GO RAMP)
A donation of 100 silvers must be made in the almsbox outside.
  • Icemule Trace
Healer's Cottage on Malt Road (from Town Center: W, W, S, SW, W, GO COTTAGE, E)
  • River's Rest
See article: Saltwater Sal
  • Solhaven
Priestly Purchases in a gold-flecked white marble building on Liabo Esplanade (From North Market: SW, S, S, W, GO BUILDING)
  • Ta'Illistim
Hall of Patrons
  • Ta'Vaalor
Hall of the Arkati (from King's Court: E, E, E, N, E, E, E, N, N, GO HALL, S, GO ALCOVE, GO DOOR, W, W, GO VAALORN DOOR)
Opening the vaalorn door is a puzzle. Citizens will find it easier to open than non-citizens.
  • Teras Isle / Kharam-Dzu
Temple of Eonak (from Dragonspine & Krodera: S, S, S, E, GO GATE, E, S)
  • Zul Logoth
Sister Cocytel (from center of the Crystalline Cavern, E, S, S, SW)
  • Mist Harbor
From Gardenia Commons, E, E, E

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