Tredohal Hashier Faendryl

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Ambassador Tredohal Hashier Faendryl was appointed to the new Faendryl embassy in Ta'Illistim in 5112 Modern Era. He was recognized as Lord Ambassador by Argent Mirror Myasara, though to the obvious displeasure of her Lord Commander of the Sapphire Guard, and the disruptive crowds outside condemning her for "conspiring with demon conjurers!" They compared his presence to "bringing death inside our city" due to the history of Faendryl sorcery.

Contrary to what may be expected, the Faendryl embassy does not actually have active staff. It is necessary to use other channels to contact them, or else wait until you happen to encounter them by chance. In 5115 Modern Era the Ambassador announced he would be using the embassy to host a week long cultural event on Faendryl heritage. He published a brief synopsis of the structure of Faendryl society in the week prior to the symposium.


Announcement of Faendryl Symposium Event (8th Olaesta, 5115 Modern Era)

To my brethren of House Ta'Faendryl,

Our people have wandered far, experiencing cities and towns throughout Elanthia, but the time has come for us to gather and share, relate and expound on our traditions. More for our personal relationships and knowledge, but also, perhaps some understanding and knowledge will trickle through to those not privileged enough to be a part of the perfection of our way, the Faendryl Way.

All Faendryl are invited to come and stay at the embassy in Ta’Illistim the eighth through the thirteenth of Lumnea where we will spend a week in discussion, demonstration, and preservation of the ways and knowledge of our people. It is time we gather and celebrate who we are, where we came from and the future greatness of our House.

I would ask that you come with open minds ready to discuss, question and pursue deeper knowledge and understanding of our House and our ways. But, we know those who have traveled extensively have new experiences to share and relate. To this end, we look forward to a series of discussions and panels on various subjects of interest to the Faendryl. We also look for those gifted in poetry, song, and story to share their talents and examples of Faendryl literature. We will exhibit some of our masterpieces and ask for those interested to speak on the various forms and periods of Faendryl art.

Lord Tredohal Hashier Faendryl
Ambassador to Ta’Illistim

Behind the Scenes

Tredohal was made the author of the official version of the Faendryl socio-political document when it was released.


You see Ambassador Tredohal Hashier Faendryl.
He appears to be a Dark Elf.
He is average height and appears to be in the meridian of life. He has deep-set jade green eyes and dark skin. He has long, fine silver hair. He has an angular face, a classical nose and angular pointed ears.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a rich dark velvet tunic edged with ivory beading, a pale ivory linen underrobe, a russet snakeskin belt, and a pair of russet snakskin sandals.