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Murstyr Javilerre Illistim was the Lord Commander of the Sapphire Guard, the successor of Commander Lorvellas, under the rule of Argent Mirror Myasara. He was the father of Caylio Javilerre, Loremaster and husband of Myasara, as well as Hycinthia Javilerre who was a Handmaiden. Hycinthia was accused of conspiracy to commit fratricide and regicide, for which she was convicted of treason, and sentenced to death by beheading at the order of Myasara herself. He was the one who disarmed his daughter when she pulled a dagger after being named by the assassin at his trial.

Murstyr was clearly not a fan of the appointment of a Faendryl ambassador in Ta'Illistim. Whether his own feelings were partially responsible for his daughter is open to speculation.


You see Lord Murstyr Javilerre Illistim the Lord Commander of the Sapphire Guard.
He appears to be an Elf.
He is tall and appears to be aged. He has hazel eyes and fair, though lined, skin. He has cropped, slightly wavy chestnut hair gilded with silver. He has a straight nose and broad shoulders. His chin is sharply pointed.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a beveled veil iron fillet, a sapphire wool cape, a suit of veil iron plate and mail set with a single sapphire enameled pauldron, a sapphire leather harness with a veil iron claidhmore strapped to it, and some veil-iron plated boots.

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