Trill's Music Shop

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Trill's Music Shop is the instrument shop in Icemule Trace. It is located on the west side of Dwarven Circle.

[Trill's Music Shop]
The earthen walls of this tiny burrow are shored up by thick modwir beams that have been polished to a soft dark golden sheen. Flames dance in the grate of a small fireplace centered on the back wall, bringing a warm cozy glow to the space. Colorful braided rugs carpet the hard-packed earthen floor. Displayed on stands and on racks hung from the wooden beams are musical instruments of various types. You also see the halfling Trill.


  1. a polished thanot flute              16. some fringed red velvet bagpipes
  2. an engraved ebonwood flute           17. some tasseled yellow wool bagpipes
  3. a simple haon fife                   18. some beribboned red leather bagpipes
  4. a long-necked maoral cittern         19. an onyx-inlaid instrument case
  5. a silver-inlaid ebonwood lute        20. an ivory-inlaid instrument case
  6. a polished thanot mandolin           21. a jade-inlaid instrument case
  7. a rune-carved dark thanot harp       22. a crisp new piece of sheet music
  8. a gold-edged carved monir harp       23. a beaded goatskin music folio
  9. a carved rosewood harp               24. a jelly-stained music manuscript
  10. some silver finger cymbals          25. a gilded music stand
  11. a feathered fel framed tambourine   26. a black silk music satchel
  12. a gold-embossed thanot tambourine   27. a gold silk music satchel
  13. an elegant rosewood cornett         28. a blue silk music satchel
  14. an elegant rosewood crumhorn        29. a jeweled black willow enshai
  15. a silver-inlaid modwir shawm


Short and slightly rotund, Trill is dressed in a dark green tunic and black breeches. His black leather belt is stuffed with polishing cloths and tools. His twinkling brown eyes peek from beneath an unruly mop of mahogany curls, making him seem little more than an overgrown child. He smiles bashfully under your scrutiny.