True Strike

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True Strike
Available To Warriors, Rogues, Rangers, Bards, Monks, Paladins
Cost Base 15, can POP muscles; see entry
Roundtime ATTACK-1
Requirements Not for use from hiding
Prerequisites None
Rank Square Semi
1 2
2 4
3 6
4 8 12 
5 10 15

The True Strike combat maneuver increases the chance to hit a target for one swing. At Rank 1, True Strike changes the standard attack d100 roll to 20 + d80 and reduces the target's chances of evading, parrying, and/or blocking your attack by 10%. Each additional rank adds 10 to the combat roll (d80, d70, d60, d50, d40) and reduces the opponent's evasion, parry, and blocking ability by a further 10%. A True Strike is one second faster than a traditional attack.

Stamina costs

Additional stamina costs are determined by the Base Weapon Speed of your attack. A stamina penalty of +1 per second of base speed is applied for each second under 5 and +2 for each second over 5. For two weapon combat, an effective Base Weapon Speed is calculated by taking the primary weapon's base speed, adding half the secondary weapon's base speed (rounded up), and adding 1 to the result.


You swing a perfect imflass maul at a triton executioner!
AS: +532 vs DS: +331 with AvD: +36 + 20 + d80 roll: +27 = +284
  ... and hit for 158 points of damage!
  A mighty hit turns the triton executioner's insides to outsides!
The triton executioner collapses, gurgling once with a wrathful look on her face before expiring.
Roundtime: 5 sec.