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Gender Female
Race Half-Elf
Status alive
Relationship(s) Amos
Alias/Title Emissary, firefly
Affiliation(s) Darkstone Bay Consortium

Trystama (Trys) arrived in Wehnimer's Landing in February of 2022 as the Emissary of the Darkstone Bay Consortium and a close ally to Amos who, as of February of 2022, is the Steward of the Guilds in the Landing. The exact nature of her working relationship to Amos is unknown, but she is one of his trusted fireflies. There are four other known fireflies at this time: Azyrial (blue), Celadonna (green), Rustilyn (orange), and Kayse.


You see Trystama the Emissary of the Darkstone Bay Consortium.
She appears to be a Half-Elf from Selanthia.
She is quite short and has a modestly curvaceous figure.  She appears to be very young.  She has long-lashed pale grey eyes and lightly freckled skin.  She has multicolored, ametrine hair tousled into loose chin-length waves.  She has a symmetrical, heart-shaped face, a gently sloping nose and pouting lips.  Deep dimples grace both of her otherwise rounded cheeks, drawing attention away from her delicately pointed ears.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing an embroidered lace mantilla strewn with dull grey feystone shards, a lush paeline wrap trimmed with silver fox fur, an amethyst flyrsilk bodice subtly patterned with thorned wyrdroot, an asymmetrical chainsil skirt draped to end mid-thigh, and some hand-tatted lace pompes lofted on wyrwood heels.