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Storyline A Knight To Remember
Gender Male
Race Giantman
Status Alive
Gender Male
Race Giantkin
Service(s) GALD
Specialty Hand Pylon
Status Active


You see Lord Amos.
He appears to be a Giantman.
He appears to be in the prime of life. He has keen gold-ringed green eyes and tanned skin. He has long, very thick deep burgundy hair draping down over his shoulders like a mahogany mane. He has a muscular face, a broad nose and a trimmed reddish-brown beard.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a stained necklace of yellowed lion's teeth, a flowing black bear hide greatcloak, a fur-lined worn leather pack, some fitted light grey leathers, some thick steel-banded gauntlets, an oiled dark leather belt, and some heavy steel-toed boots.