Turban of Death

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Turban of Death is a game invented in the town of River's Rest and is, not surprisingly, a very deadly game. While simple to play, it is also the most complex game commonly played in the Rest and the risk of death is slightly higher then when playing Gem of Fate.

How to Play

The first thing you need to go is to get one turban, which are sold in town, for every player and make sure at least one player can cast Call Lightning (125).

Once you have both, proceed as follows:

  • One of the players that can cast Call Lightning, casts the spell on the turban
  • That player then places the turban on their head, removes it, and gives it to another player
  • The second player places the turban on their head, removes it, and gives it to a third player
  • Repeat until a bolt of lightning vaporized the turban and the arm or head of the player caught holding or wearing it, that player is out of the game. Cycle through the list of players as many times as needed.
  • Get out another turban and keep playing rounds until there is only one player left or there is no one left that can cast Call Lightning.

The last surviving player(s) gets bragging rights, there are no prizes in this game.

OOC Notes

  • Everyone playing should be made aware that they may die as a result of playing Turban of Death in order to avoid potential TOS violations.

In modern times, honest empaths and clerics are allowed to heal and raise players, particularly in the case of scheduled events. This allowance was previously banned from abuse, so please apply your best judgement. Playing this game is not an excuse to maim people nor an excuse to heal them as an "incidental" consequence. However, whether you play or do not play deadly games, it is permitted to help people playing scheduled events to the best of your abilities.