Ulkov (prime)

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Ulkov Hallowblood
Race Dwarf
Culture Khanshael
Hometown Wehnimer's Landing
Profession Warrior
Religion V'Tull
Affiliation(s) Helden Hall, Moonshine Manor, Pack of the Ishan, Warrior Guild
Disposition Sarcastic
Demeanor Apathetic
Primary Trait Disagreeable
Flaw Lack of Modesty
Greatest Strength Majestic Beard
Greatest Weakness Hoarding
Habits Belching
Soft Spots Floofs
Likes Floofs
Dislikes Soap
Fears Soap
Loyalties Friends, Home
Best Friend Madmountan


You see Relic Hunter Ulkov Hallowblood the Bulwark.
He appears to be a Dwarf of the Khanshael.
He is taller than average.  He appears to be an adult.  He has brooding stormy grey eyes and dusky skin.  He has waist length, thick coal black hair worn in elaborate braids.  He has a round face, a broad nose and a long braided beard.
He has a pair of thin angler fish teeth in his left eyebrow, an inking of several shadowy figures huddled beneath a towering grove of twisted, black trees on his neck, and a sleeping kitten tattoo on his ankle.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a grim bloodstained leather mask, a pewter-caged indigo bone sigil on a thin iron chain, a sleek shadowy crystal pendant, a blackened iron pendant on a dark leather cord, a rugged Khanshael battle coat reinforced with mithril boning, a quintuple orb brooch, a small bone periapt, a blood-stained shredded silk vest, some fanged goblin skull shoulder-guards, a drake-winged insignia, a silver-chased ash tree pin, a void black deathstone symbol carved into a scimitar, a silver and blue vaalin beard-clip, a pair of blood-spattered black leather gloves, a greasy black malodorous pub rat, a spiked eel-etched silvery grey low steel pavis, a dwarven infantryman baldric with a sharpened kelyn hoolurge and a pure white morning star secured to it, a steel framed eisenruck with ribbed vultite panels, a frayed leather harness, some time-worn Khanshael field plate, a coiled mithglin chain armband, a pair of Felcour duelling gauntlets inlaid with matte black starstone cabochons, a ghezyte chelioboros bracelet, a bone-riveted suede wrist sheath, a silver stallion ring, a thick mithril-clasped belt, a carmine and jet spidersilk bag, a fringed leather gem sack, a threadbare muslin sack, a coarse burlap sack, a pair of blood-smeared matte black trousers, and a pair of tall bone-buckled boots.


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