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Valley of Gold (June 20-23 2019)

Valley of Gold - Forum Category

About The Event (GM Valyrka summarizes the event)

A brief Discord conversation summary of the events that led us here, by Avawren

Official Schedule (last updated June 20th)

Valley of Gold Thank Yous! (GM Galene posts the credits)

Valley of Gold Treaty Ceremony

Slowly, with care, Myasara signs her name to the bottom of the treaty.

Aurmont signs his name to the bottom of the treaty with a bold flourish.

RP Posts

Discussions in Ta'Nalfein (the Nalfein aren't happy)

Royal Procession Tour Underway (Aurmont is on the move)

The Empire Stands Ready (Aurmont is still on the move)

An Update (Orelwen is healing from being poisoned)


Event Posts

Valley of Gold Fashion Showcase

Premium Home Furnishings

Three Custom Loresongs You Say? (custom loresong raffle)

Valley of Gold - Weapon Shops

Lasimor (a new wood)

Merchant Ianwel and Lasimor Alterations

Ale Tasting at What Ales You

New gowns for unrefined tastes!

Bleakstone (a new gem/material)

Two New Verbs!

The Forgemaster's Visit to the Valley

Master Metalsmith Feliathes makes his way to the Valley of Gold (WPS and spikes)

Wines, Wines, Wines! (information about food pairings!)

Human Ales: A Tasting Guide to Turamzzyrian Ales (just like the wine document, but for ales!)

Lady Sayilla Sets Up Three Raffles (3x custom loresong, 2x signature verb, 2x complete feature alteration)

Travels in the Wizardwaste (human history and a prior event similar to the Bleaklands)

Fashion Sets Raffle in The Primrose Pavilion

Lockpick Repairs

Safely Prying Fusion Orbs

Wyvern (information about wyverns!)

Chantry College Research Discussion

General Information

MONEY: All notes will be accepted (even Teras notes, as an example). Raffles (there won't be too many of them) will require silver. There will not be a bank on the festival grounds (so make sure you keep 1000 silver on you so you can get into Zul Logoth (probably best to keep more in case of thieves)). Premium FWI teleporters WILL work on festival grounds.

ADDRESSING THE LEADERS (per GMs Valyrka and Lydil): "Argent Mirror" as the name and "the Argent Mirror" as the title for Myasara Illistim. "Your Imperial Highness" as the name and "Emperor Aurmont" or "the Emperor" as the title for Aurmont Chandrennin Anodheles.


The festival grounds exist only in Prime, as the events that led to it did not happen in Platinum.

The entrance to the Valley of Gold is between the Glo'antern Moor and Khazar's Hold on the western route to Zul Logoth. As you get closer, from either direction, pale white signs will point you along the path. The valley is not far from Khazar's Hold.

[Western DragonSpine, Base - 1032]
The whole of Glo'antern Moor stretches out to the west, although much of it is shrouded in a dense layer of fog.  Strange pinpoints of light appear to flicker and dance in the mists.  Where the fog is not present the moor is a dark grey interspersed with small, lighter grey blotches.  A tall range of snow-capped mountains looms to the north, east and southeast, while a broad forest extends along far to the northwest.  In the distance a rock plateau rises above the mists, its top perfectly flat.  You also see a rocky path leading down into the mist and a pale white sign.
Obvious paths: southwest, up

A gold ring and fogging will work from inside the valley.


Valley of Gold 2019 shop listing


Valley of Gold.png

2 - Oasis - an airy pale gold silk tent
2 - What Ales You - a small gold striped wagon
3 - Wine A Little, Laugh A Little - an elegant cherrywood wagon
4 - Arndell's Weaponry - an ornately carved structure
4 - Fired Up - a gold-shuttered white monir wagon
5 - The Primrose Pavilion - a tall-peaked gold silk linen canopy
5 - New Beginnings - an embroidered gold and red tent
5 - The Tailored Imperial - a gold-roofed blue wagon
6 - Home Improvement - a large crimson silk tent
7 - Celebration Pavilion - a giant silk-covered structure
8 - There's No Place Like Home - a large sapphire blue silk tent
9 - Lorsan's Weaponry - an ornately carved structure
9 - A Touch of Class - a blackthorn-framed pavilion
9 - Cultural Couture - a gilt-framed grey brocade pavilion
14 - Midnight Heron (Airship) - a midnight blue gangplank