Urylia's Doors

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Urylia's Doors is the Premium Home Door shop in Ta'Illistim. It is located on Aaendarein Var in the east side of town.

[Urylia's Doors]
An air of silence pervades this spacious shop, not even the squeak of a patron's shoe on the marble floors defying this stillness. Rows of assorted doors are set in the center of the large room, displayed on tall stands and arranged like a miniature labyrinth. An old and cantankerous elf leans against a counter in the back, keeping a close eye on those in her shop. You also see Urylia.


      Price  Item
1.)   65000  a rounded rich red cedar door
2.)   60000  a broad paneled cedar door
3.)   70000  a cherry-inlaid ashen beechwood door
4.)   50000  a burled rosewood door
5.)  150000  a glaes-inlaid rough mistwood door
6.)   75000  a fel and alder parquet door
7.)   70000  a lustrous deep red maoral door
8.)   60000  a cherry-inlaid carved pine door
9.)   70000  a natural teak parquet door
10.)  65000  a rounded dark auburn oak door
11.)  55000  a dark-stained hickory door
12.)  50000  a burled dark elm door
13.)  95000  a herringbone oak parquet door
14.)  60000  a fel-inlaid pale linden door
15.)  70000  a diamond parquet felwood door
16.)  45000  an iron-barred thick maoral door
17.)  45000  a velvet-draped broad maoral door
18.)  40000  a pale beechwood door
19.) 120000  a dark chevron parquet thanot door
20.)  50000  a narrow ebon door