Valina's Herbs and Tinctures

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Valina's Herbs and Tinctures is a shop in Ta'Illistim that sells healing herbs. It is located in the southern part of the city from Briarstone Court. Herbs (not potions or tinctures) can be purchased in the front room. The town healer Valina can be found through the doorway. Potions and tinctures may be found in the nearby shop Marroux and Haert, or outside the city at Sylvarraend Herbals.

[Valina's Herbs and Tinctures] RNUM: 640, u13104200
Row upon row of tiny glaesine bottles line wooden shelves, which in turn crowd every bit of wall space in this tiny shop. Baskets of herbs rest at the foot of a large thanot worktable. An open doorway leads further into the building's interior, the occasional murmur of conversation drifting from within. You also see a sign and herbalist assistant Jhiseth.
Obvious exits: out


  1. some acantha leaf      11. some sovyn clove
  2. some torban leaf       12. some wolifrew lichen
  3. some ambrominas leaf   13. some cactacae spine
  4. some ephlox moss       14. a bolmara potion
  5. some basal moss        15. a rose-marrow potion
  6. some pothinir grass    16. a brostheras potion
  7. some aloeas stem       17. a talneo potion
  8. some calamia fruit     18. a wingstem potion
  9. some haphip root       19. a bur-clover potion
  10. some woth flower
To view cost per use of herbs, click here.
Body Area Heals Herb Quantity Weight Cost Cost per use
Blood 10 HP some acantha leaf 10 less than 2 pounds. 200 20
Nerves Minor Wound some wolifrew lichen 4 less than 2 pounds. 100 25
Nerves Major Wound
Nerves Minor Scar some torban leaf 3 less than 2 pounds. 150 50
Nerves Major Scar some woth flower 2 less than 2 pounds. 100 50
Head & Neck Minor Wound
Head & Neck Major Wound some aloeas stem 2 less than 2 pounds. 250 125
Head & Neck Minor Scar some haphip root 4 about 2 pounds. 200 50
Head & Neck Major Scar
Torso & Eyes Minor Wound some basal moss 4 less than 2 pounds. 200 50
Torso & Eyes Major Wound some pothinir grass 2 less than 2 pounds. 400 200
Torso & Eyes Minor Scar
Torso & Eyes Major Scar
Torso & Eyes Missing Eye
Arms & Legs Minor Wound some ambrominas leaf 4 less than 2 pounds. 100 25
Arms & Legs Major Wound some ephlox moss 4 less than 2 pounds. 250 62.5
Arms & Legs Minor Scar some cactacae spine 4 less than 2 pounds. 100 25
Arms & Legs Major Scar some calamia fruit 2 about 2 pounds. 250 125
Arms & Legs Missing Limb some sovyn clove 1 less than 2 pounds. 800 800