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Larton is the non-player character locksmith in Wehnimer's Landing. While his work is immediate his fee is not based on the contents of the box, meaning sometimes the net revenue from a chest is negative.

The Locksmith's Backroom

[Locksmith, Backroom]
The backroom of the locksmith's shop is stark, and lit by a single tallow candle. A blob of wax secures the candle atop a locked case that provides the only seating in the uncomfortable room. A tall cabinet secured with a sturdy padlock occupies the far wall. You also see a wax-stained counter with some stuff on it, a battered casket, Larton and a dimly-lit doorway.

Behind the Scenes

Larton is an anomaly in that he was given a new name after the I.C.E. Age, being referred to as "Valson" in some rare cases in the Landing. Larton still has the same name he did originally. Since Larton does not exist in the source books, unlike some of the other town NPCs, there would be no need to change him.