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Varin was the second largest of five moons in the I.C.E. Age, and actually orbited the closest to the world. The other four still exist, now called Liabo, Lornon, Tilaok, and Makiri. Varin was misplaced somehow in the shift between terminologies, possibly because the columns were backwards for its entry in the Elanthian Herald glossary. In the distant future when DragonRealms is set, there will only be three moons, since one of them is supposedly some kind of egg which will hatch as a "world dragon." However, one of those moons would be the Varin analog, which does not exist in GemStone IV.

Behind the Scenes

In DragonRealms the closest moon to Elanthia is the blue colored Xibar, which orbits the planet itself while Katamba (Liabo) has no satellites at all. This poses an intrinsic problem for interpreting the game as set in the future from GemStone, because while Makiri and Tilaok might be captured asteroids there is nothing corresponding to Xibar. It would actually be easier to assume for this purpose that DragonRealms is set in the past. Xibar would have been ejected at some point, Makiri and Tilaok came later, and the "Thirteen Immortals" are the thirteen Lords of Liabo with the Lornon gods not existing yet. This is more sensible from an I.C.E. Age view, because the Dark Lords of Charon came much later, and these moon gods are considered extra-planar in origin like in the Shadow World history.