Veil iron

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Veil iron
Veil iron.jpg
Use Weapons, Armor
Bonus +25
ST/DU 24/75
Rarity Extraordinarily Rare
Weight Modifier 125%
Special Properties Magical Drain
Primary Color Black, blue speckled
Dyeable No

Veil iron is one of the most rare metals in Elanthia, the purest samples of it almost too valuable to price. Found within large meteorites that have fallen from the sky, veil iron is incredibly strong and durable. When forged, it usually has an enchantment slightly higher than vultite, and the most pure form of veil iron has the ability to drain items of magical power within close proximity. It is predominantly black or charcoal grey in color, speckled or streaked with small bits of white or blue.

Veil iron was actually one of the first metals found by the denizens of Elanthia, long before any empire rose or fell, even before the Ur-Daemon war. Veil iron spearheads from long-ago ancient tribes that existed during the Rule of Drakes have even been found, and paintings depicting meteors falling from the sky have also been seen on the walls of caves from the same long-gone people.

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