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Type System
System Pay event

The EVENT verb lets you see your stats for paid events like Rumor Woods and Duskruin and additionally allows you to claim event boxes when available.



    EVENT BOX                - Check for event boxes being offered.
    EVENT STATS {event name} - provides stats for the specified paid event.

Current valid options include DUSKRUIN and RUMOR WOODS.



EVENT BOX allows you to purchase a box of event-related items put together by GameMasters.

>event box
You may only obtain one EVENT BOX per account, please use EVENT BOX CONFIRM if you want your EVENT BOX.  It costs XXX,XXX silver that you must have on you (no notes)!


EVENT STATS provides stats for the specified paid event.


>event stats duskruin
              Duskruin Data
  Arena Entries:                     0
  Arena Kills:                       0
  Arena Wins:                        0
  Arena Perfect Wins:                0
  Arena Surrenders:                  0
  Arena Deaths:                      0
  Last Solo Time:                    -
  Fastest Solo Time:                 -

  Team Matches:                      0
  Team Wins:                         0
  Last Team Time:                    -
  Fastest Team Time:                 -

  Sewer Entries:                     0
  Sewer Rats Found:                  0
  Bandit Caches Found:               0

  Silent Investor Entries:           0
  Poisoned Heretics Entries:         0
  Ophidian Cabal Entries:            0

  Smithy Invite Acquired:          [Yes/No]

Rumor Woods

>event stats rumor woods
           Rumor Woods Data
  Jousting Entries:                  0
  Jousting Wins:                     0
  Jousting Perfect Wins:             0
  Jousting Lifetime Points:          0

  Jousting Serpent Wins:             0
  Jousting Phoenix Wins:             0
  Jousting Tortoise Wins:            0
  Jousting Coney Wins:               0
  Jousting Lion Wins:                0
  Jousting Stag Wins:                0

  Fox Hunt Entries:                  0
  Fox Hunt Foxes Caught:             0
  Rare Bugles Found:                 0

  Pixie Hunt Entries:                0
  Pixie Hunt Entries Caught:         0
  Rare Morning Glories Found:        0

Ebon Gate Festival

>event stat ebon
              Ebon Gate Data
  Herb Hunt Entries:                 0
  Number of Toadshades Found:        0
  Number of Mandrakes Found:         0

  Trick-or-Treat Entries:            0
  Tricks Found:                      0

  Arena of the Abyss Entries:        0
  Arena of the Abyss Kills:          0
  Arena of the Abyss Wins:           0
  Lightning Strikes:                 0

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