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The inquire verb has is used in a few systems.

Justice system

Using the INQUIRE verb in the local constabulary will inform the adventurer of the whereabouts of the local law authority NPC.

You inquire as to the Guard Captain's whereabouts, and a clerk responds, "Ah, I believe it's currently in Dancing Dahcre.  The Hallway area, specifically."

This is useful for those attempting to complete the community service sentence, as the law authority NPC must be checked in with every so often. If unable to locate the NPC, the sentence is extended.

If the person doing the inquiring is wanted, the constable NPC will be summoned to the adventurer's location.

Using the INQUIRE verb while in the stockade will inform the adventurer how much time he has remaining in the stockade.

You bang on the door and ask how much time is left of your sentence.  After a moment, a guard's voice gruffly echoes back, "About five minutes, if you're on your best behavior, of course.

CHE House system

The INQUIRE verb, when used in an area outside the constabulary, will give information about the user's House.

Verbage for a character who does not belong to a CHE:

You must be a member of a House to be able to make an inquiry.

Talondown Arena

Inquire with the Cashier and Pit Boss to access their respective options.