Talondown Arena

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Talondown Arena is located aboard The Firebird and is a place to battle and train Spirit Beasts. It is also accessible from a twisted stone doorframe in the following locations:

Town Location Lich Room ID
Icemule Trace Portal outside south gate, [Frozen Garden, Pond] in thyrils 3158
Kharam Dzu Doorframe on Glaes Street 1955
Mist Harbor Oleander and Rose 3660
Ravelin Doorframe in Wyvern Plaza 13920
River's Rest Portal outside The Stone Eye, [River's Rest, River Beach] 10883
Solhaven Doorframe at Redwing Spire in South Haven (west of Eider and Murre) 17425
Sylvarraend Arch on Mistglin Wey 682
Wehnimer's Landing Doorframe northwest of the North Gate 417
Zul Logoth Doorframe at town center 1005

Accessing Talondown Arena from a location where The Firebird is not located will not give access to the rest of the airship; exiting through the passage will return the character to its respective originating town. However, using LOCATION (verb) within Talondown will let one know the current location of The Firebird.

WARNING: Accessing Talondown from The Firebird may result in traveling with The Firebird should she leave her current port. One should only access Talondown Arena from the portals if not planning on using the airship facilities.

The Firebird

Talondown Arena consists of the six rooms just below the title of the map. Through the gate is the arena stands, where one may WATCH to get a list of who is battling in the arena. WATCH (person) will watch that battle.

To the northeast is the Cashier, where one may trade in redsteel marks for items. INQUIRE to access the options with the NPC, ORDER to see items for sale.

To the northwest is the Pit Boss. INQUIRE with her to see the battle options.

Blood Matches

In the Blood Pit, health is tied to that of the Spirit Beast, and death may occur. Battles may be done with other players or NPCs. Winning a Blood Match will earn redsteel marks, and experience for the beast and character. The NPC trainers will match their beasts' levels.

Training Matches

Fight either a friend or NPC of the same skill and beast level for 3000 silvers per person. Beasts receive a bonus 100 experience for every fight won in the Training Arena.

Listed Fights

Every week, the Talondown gives a mysterious prize to the winner of its listed matches (resets overnight Sunday-Monday). Players get 5 fight tokens to spend weekly and will lose one token per loss. Listed fights are awarded 15 points for a win, 10 points for a loss. Listed fights can only be played against other players. Players accrue points by winning and whoever is at the top of the leaderboard by the week's end wins.

Weekly Challenges

Every week the arena sets out seven of its deadliest trainers to fight (resets overnight Sunday). The NPC trainers do not level-match, and they are not nice. Players have the entire week (Monday-Sunday) to defeat all seven NPC trainers, and each match win will earn 150 experience for the Spirit Beast, and a little experience for the character. Defeating all seven will earn a radiant bestial soulstone, a quantity of redsteel marks, and at least 1000 experience points.

You have defeated all seven trainers in the weekly challenge and have been awarded a radiant bestial soulstone for your efforts!  Head to the Cashier to REDEEM it!  You have also been awarded experience and 174 redsteel marks!
Curious about your soulstone?  Alchemical recipes for Spirit Beasts will be live soon!


Inventory appears to refresh every few minutes.

A snooty green goblin glances at you and mutters, "You can inquire about the following here: your BALANCE, REDEMPTION for outstanding prizes you may have won, REPAIRS for beast armaments, the WARES we've got for sale, and, of course, how many TOKENS you have left for listed fights."

According to a nearby sign, the following items are available for sale (3-5 at a time):

(See table below)

If you'd like to purchase any of the above, please BUY {#}, where {#} is the number of the item you wish to purchase.

A pair of kobolds stumbles in, depositing some crates of fresh wares. (Inventory change)

All prices in redsteel marks.

Item Price Function
a small burlap pouch 10
a small crystal vessel 20 50 experience (pour on talisman)
a multifaceted crystal vessel 100 51-100 exp? (pour on talisman)
a tiny ancient armament 75
a wide glass flacon filled with crimson fluid 65 Health
a wide crystal flacon filled with crimson fluid 250 Health
a narrow glass flacon filled with saffron fluid 65 Accuracy (for common beasts)
a narrow crystal flacon filled with saffron fluid 250 Accuracy (for common beasts)
a thick glass flacon filled with emerald fluid 65 Defense
a thick crystal flacon filled with emerald fluid 250 Defense
a speckled glass flacon filled with golden fluid 65 Speed
a speckled crystal flacon filled with golden fluid 250 Speed
a cut glass flacon filled with indigo fluid 65 Power
a cut crystal flacon filled with indigo fluid 250 Power
a clear glass flacon filled with violet fluid 65 Insight
a clear crystal flacon filled with violet fluid 250 Insight
a smoky glass flacon filled with black fluid 45 Clear all enhancives
a smoky crystal flacon filled with black fluid 200 Clear ? enhancives

Random Prize Wins

Defeating master opponents in training or in the weekly challenges will sometimes earn random prizes in the form of redsteel marks or something else found at the cashier.

Deltus's Wehnimerian invader lets out a keening death cry!  Its form begins to lose cohesion just moments before it collapses completely into ethereal mist.  The fog that remains of Deltus's vanquished beast creeps back toward his golden talisman, swirling around it before seeping back inside.

Your efforts have earned you a stack of redsteel marks!  Visit the cashier to REDEEM your prize!

You feel wiser somehow, enriched by the experience of having defeated one of the seven trainers.  Or maybe you just like hurting things.

{A little later}

>inq redemption
A snooty green goblin says, "You have won the following item:

     a stack of redsteel marks

You can REDEEM your items at any time."
A snooty green goblin says, "Yeah, yeah, I gotcher winnings right here!"

He hands you a stack of redsteel marks.
>l mark
There are an awful lot of redsteel marks there, stacked together and secured by thin mesh.  You're pretty sure you could BREAK the mesh if you tried.  There's little to lose, and well... again, it's a lot of marks.
>break mark
With a quick twist of your wrists, you break the mesh holding the marks together.  The marks come apart freely, but you discover that some are just wooden chips!  What a ripoff!  You pocket 300 and discard the counterfeits.
Multiple redemptions
A snooty green goblin says, "You have won the following items:

     a radiant bestial soulstone
     a stack of redsteel marks

You can REDEEM your items at any time."
A snooty green goblin says, "Yeah, yeah, I gotcher winnings right here!"

He hands you a woven red and gold sack.

The sack acts like a standard shop package and is discarded when dropped.