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WHISPER can be used to say a private message to someone in the same room, or even someone in another part of the world via Whispering Willow (605). Whisper can be used effectively for roleplay by using WHISPER VISIBLE to show to others in the same room that you are whispering a private conversation. In character, but not visible to others, is the default setting for whispers.



WHISPER [type] {player} {message} - Whisper a message to {player}
WHISPER [type] GROUP {message} - Whisper a message to your group

Where [type] is one of the following:

IC - Whisper a private, in-character message
VISIBLE - Whisper an in-character message and display the act of whispering to the room
OOC - Whisper a private, out-of-character message

If the type is omitted, IC will be used.

Regular whisper

>whis XXXX Hello
You quietly whisper to XXXX, "Hello."

YYYY whispers, "Hello."

Visible whisper

>whis vis XXXX Hello
You quietly whisper to XXXX, "Hello."

YYYY leans over and whispers, "Hello."

OOC whisper

>whis ooc XXXX hello
(OOC) You quietly whisper to XXXX, "Hello."

(OOC) YYYY's player whispers, "Hello."

Whispering Willow

You hear the faint whisper of YYYY saying, "Hello."

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