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Posted by FORESTELF 11 October 2016
- The Present -

Deep within the western wing of a pavilion, located within Ta'Vaalor, a faint yet violent cough echoes throughout the wyvern styled building. An elven butler, recently employed into the Ty'Soru House of Ta'Vaalor, tentatively seeks to his new Lordship with a hot cup of blackberry tea combined with the suggested remedies of his cousin - from the Shinning City of Ta'Illistim. "That sounds to be getting stronger, young master Ty'Soru. Your cousin sends her warmest of regards and would have you visit the Great Library when opportunity next presents itself to your Lordship, whenever next within the City of course." the very young elven butler known as Jharvis expressed while gently placing a golden rimmed teacup, resting upon a dragon-stalk patterned saucer, to the side of the younger master who was inscribing upon a peacock stamped scroll.

"Gratitude, Jharvis. Return my humblest of salutations to my cousin along with word I shall be venturing into the Shinning City soon enough yet firstly, I would have you travel there and deliver these letters." the young lord says softly before re-inking his albino raven feathered quill. "Time is of importance on this matter therefore pay the ferryboat captain triple for his hastening across the lake if needed."

Jharvis absently reaches for and accepts the sealed scrolls handed to him by the young lordship yet remains absolutely still in place. "Young master Ty'Soru, you searched for your peoples stolen airship for countless moons from the moment of its theft, searched for the stolen relics of Ta'Illistim to regions as far as the watery Ilse of River Rest to the volcanic soot and ashed clouded Island of Teras - just to ensure that which was stolen returned to the proper elven hands." Jharvis states while taking a cautious pause to continue and conclude with "Why are you not pleased at all which is a success? What took place upon that Island and that Dwarven Prince?"

The young lord - having already slightly narrowed, nearly translucent frost blue eyes, narrows his eyes even more before slowly leaning back from the gold-veined black marble counter he was writing upon. "You have a few hours yet before the ferryboat's return. So, if you're going to ask questions which require long explanations you better learn swiftly come prepared with enough water on the kettle, to keep the storyteller supplied." the young lordship finishes with before taking a small sip from his teacup. His eyes shift towards the western wings main feature, a four winged albino dragon statue, before moving to rest upon one of the many scrolls Jharvis now possesses.

- The Past - Tilamaires, day 10 of the month Jastatos in the year 5116. The 20th Hour of Tonis, late evening.

Benches and jute-seated sling-backs scattered across the area - Kharam-Dzu, Bazaar Central, most occupied by adventurers and townspeople who have stopped to rest their weary bones. Among those which had already gathered it was the extremely tall and kohl-outlined dark indigo eyes of Lady Oirisu's arrival which caught the young lord's attention. Perhaps it was the grey-cast rose silhouettes inked from the nape of her neck down to the small of her back which highlighted the young elven Lady's backless gown of raw lilac silk fading into an ombre of smoky plum. But no matter the reasoning before compliments expressed a passing chatter is heard in the air, "Prince Voregrek will be speaking in just a few short minutes at Bazaar Central. There's to be an auction for the third Prisma Relic, a veil iron maul, shortly after. I'm on my way right now!" 

Shortly afterward, the Traveling Merchant known as Weffinait - a middle aged human baring beady ocean blue eyes and pasty white skin arrived. His greasy, pitch black hair slicked back at the temple, pudgy face, doubled chin and over-weighted rotund appearance made me ponder if an equal amount (if not more) of food got into his hair as did his mouth. Before other thoughts began to surface on the merchant Prince Voregrek arrived into the audience.

Greetings, verbally and silently, from all races were conveyed to the dwarven prince of the island. Voregrek says, "I see we have quite a crowd this evening. That's great." as Brother Ignius enters into the Bazaar Central. Voregrek says, "I'd just like to say a few brief words. I'm not the best at long winded speeches so everyone please bear with me if you would." The crowd moves towards the uninsured silence, submissive to the inquisitive nature of the prince's next words as Brother Haltore - a human monk stooped with age and with a blood red teardrop on his neck and a Faendryl Ambassador known as Tredohal Hashier entered. Small pieces of volcanic ash and soot drift slowly down from above as Voregrek smiles before continuing with "First of all, thank you all for coming. We've had a bit of excitement here the past week or so, as I'm sure you're all aware."

Tredohal nods slowly as the screeches of panicked wildlife echo through the air. Voregrek continues with, "I would like to thank all the locals, and all of those that came from other cities, to assist with the defense of our town and disarming what could have been a dangerous situation by stopping the firemage Oantal and his partner Vagrance." A grizzled dusky curhound barks loudly as Voregrek moves to state,"As you know, a cache of three relics was discovered this past Day of the Huntress when Oantal and Vagrance fled. Each of the Prisma Relics is very powerful in their own right. A recombined maul would have been a very serious threat to Kharam Dzu."

Madmountan barely manages, through chuckling, to say, "And everything else for that matter."

Rolfard raspily says, "That ship is a verios serious threat to our town."

Voregrek says, "Needless to say that avoiding that outcome was very desireable." There is only a brief moment of pause before the dwarven prince continues onward with "It is true, Oantal and Vagrance escaped with their Chimera. However the airship was handed back over to Air Commander Antonn and will be, i'm sure, returned to Ta'Vaalor and the chronomages that built her." Legaci begins to reflect back to the evening of the relics returning and how the two fiends fled into unknown directions within clouded soot and ash filled skies.

Linsha asks, "They did use the ring to hide the airship?"

Voregrek says, "That is the assumption, yes." and then nods slowly. "There has been some questioning of what is to come of these relics. I hope to address that this evening." Clunk rubs his chin thoughtfully, Madmountan squirms in anticipation, Archales and Silversoft turn an inquisitive ear toward Voregrek as Oirisu whispers something to Orrisian. Legaci had never seen this Taleteller before and his curiousity would be torn away with Voregrek saying "In order of... least contended, I suppose I will phrase it." Although his attention is focused on the prince Legaci begins faintly watching Orrisian and Oirisu, using the crowd as a shroud. Voregrek says, "The Berserker's Bloodjewel will be returned to the Sacred Fury where it was stolen from. Ignius and his monks were invaluable to our efforts and there can be no doubt the jewel belongs with his order.

As the prince's words fall to a conclusion Brother Ignius bows to Prince Voregrek. "The maul, Bane's Will, that was recovered will be auctioned off this evening as both a reward for the brave work of all those involved, and as a safeguard to help ensure that re-assembling the artifacts in the future is a remote possibility" the prince says as Orrisian looks thoughtfully at him. Voregrek says, "I suspect there may be some interest in that." while finishing off with a wryly grin. "Lastly, the ring, the Illusion's Shroud has been the subject of some small concern. I am told we have both a Faendryl ambassador, and a representative from the Mirror in Illistim here this evening"

A Blade of the Palestra, the faendryl known as Aurach nods respectfully at Tredohal as Maical says, "My Illistrious Prince Voregrek," while gracefully bowing towards Voregrek. Legaci glances between Lady Oirisu and the Ambassador of the Faendryl kind as the dwarven prince returns the respectful display. "The Argent Mirror of House Illistim sends her warm regards to your island."

Speaking to Maical, Voregrek says, "Welcome to Kharam Dzu, Ambassador."

Loremaster Maical Veythorne Illistim despite being extremely old, even by elven stanards, carried a regal demeanor which seems to command instant respect. Held firmly within the grasp of his right hand was a pile of ivory parchment tied with a silver ribbon. "Her Illusion has sent me with information about the ring... or should I say rings..." there is only a brief moment of pause before Maical says, "At her command we used the initial research of Lady Sibwen."

Voregrek nods at Maical and says, "That name was in the reports I received, if I recall."

Maical says, "It is through her research and ours we have found more into the nature of these rings. There were actually a pair of rings, companions."

Voregrek says, "A pair? I was told we only recovered the one here."

Maical says, "Correct." then continue with "The other was found in the hidden enclave." As the crowds curiosity grows only one turns immediately towards Linsha, Legaci. As he does Maical says, "And now sits in the possession of Lady Linsha." Maical offers Voregrek a pile of ivory parchment tied with a silver ribbon while concluding with "We have documented proof that both rings were the property of house Illistim. Stolen in long ages past."

Voregrek says, "Hmmm...." while accepting Maical's ivory parchment. He glances briefly over the parchment before inquiring "Stolen, you say?"

Legaci moves to agree to the statement before speaking sardonically to Maical, Orrisian exclaims, "Faendryl, stealing things? That's impossible!"

Maical says, "They were kept in the vaults of Ta'Illistim. Apparently they were used to hide the enclave from time and eyes."

Thinking to himself Legaci says, "And an airship along with other elven artifacts. We still don't know what this group of faendryl were plotting." Legaci's thoughts are pulled as Brother Ignius says, "The companion items are necessary to reassemble the maul in its most powerful form."

Maical says, "The Mirror has sent me to ask Lady Linsha for her ring to be reunited with the relic." Linsha nods at Maical as he continue to explain with "from what we know, her ring no longer holds the power it did, but the Artificers wish to study them both. See what we can recover from the lost lores."

Voregrek asks, "So your official stance is that the ring should be returned to the government of Ta'Illistim?" Thinking once again to himself, Legai says ""And then after researching... to be returned to the great vaults of the elven nations. Where they should be."

Maical says, "Correct." Voregrek nods in understanding as Maical continues with "The Mirror lays claim to the rings long stolen from her House."

Voregrek asks, "I have heard only of the one ring before tonight. Are we sure both rings are required for the maul to be reassembled?"

A light tremor quickly spreads through the area scattering loose bits of soil across the ground as Maical says, "The Artificers will determine what power they still hold."

Ignius says, "They would be, but the two companion items, when held together, do not necessarily have any sway over one another." 

The house of Ta'Illistim have safeguarded relics of all ranges of power within the elven nations for generations. "Let the Argent Mirror keep to that tradition as her people have ever since the great exiling" Legaci thought to himself as Maical says, "And how they should best be handled, but they are from House Illistim."

Voregrek says, "I see. Thank you. Does the ambassador from the Faendryl have anything they would like to say?"

Abruptly Maical says, "The mirror also wishes the Ambassador to meet with her at his earliest convenience." while nodding at Tredohal. Maical then says, "She wishes to return the remains of the enclave to the faendryl. Their remains should be put to rest with their people."

Clunk glances between Maical and Aurach while Tredohal simply nods. Tredohal says, "As the representative of the Patriarch outside of New Ta'Faendryl.. His Voice.. We thank the Mirror and will gladly meet with her to arrange the return of our brethren of ages past." Low murmured whispers begin as the faendryl ambassador continued with "This ring... it kept our people safe for generations." 

"And yet, yours no longer as is your home of old. With just cause as are still many of those items of long passed old.. Besides, those rings the only likelihood of returning a lost elven child." Legaci keeps to himself as the Faendryl ambassador continues with "We will never know what knowledge has been lost due to the unusual way the enclave was destroyed."

Voregrek asks, "How many of your people were at this enclave? Has there been any kind of excavation of the site?"

Tredohal says, "We request the ring be returned to House Faendryl. It will be kept safe as a remembrance of the times long past." As the ambassador continues his plead all Legaci can think is "it was stolen from the Mirror of Ta'Illistim. It is stolen property which should be returned to its proper owner. That simple. If, after researched the Faendryl wish audience for it, that would be another tale for another time." His attention jolts into returning upon hearing Tredohal conclude with, "As a shrine to those of the last enclave. All Glory and Honor to the Patriarch."

Voregrek asks, "Do you dispute the charge that these artifacts were stolen from the Illistim elves?"

Legaci glances between Tredohal and Voregrek before Tredohal says, "We have no real proof they were except that pile of dusty scrolls." 

Voregrek nods and says, "I find myself in a difficult situation. One somewhat thrust upon me by the winds of fate and chance."

Ignius says, "That would be a statement of war, as I see it." and then Ignius glances at Voregrek.

Clunk deeply says, "I find in times like that, tiz best to seek gudie from Eonak. Aint no need to hurry."

Voregrek smiles and says, "We do not always have the time, I fear, to wait for divine guidance." He recomposes himself for only a moments timing before reciting "The ring will be handled as follows"

Tredohal says, "The Patriarch insists that it be returned to us."

Voregrek says, "I have, in my hand, proof from the Mirror that this ring was once property of the elves of Illistim."

Speaking to Tredohal, Orrisian says, "Returning a stolen item to a thief is usually not good policy." Tredohal glances at Orrisian as Brother Ignius and Legaci quickly agree to the statement made.

Voregrek says, "As the Mirror has already requested the presence of the Faendryl Ambassador at his earliest convenience, I will return the ring to the current LEGAL owner and allow the two sides to discuss it amongst themselves, and off my island, at their leisure. Teras does not wish to become embroiled in the affairs of the elven houses."

Tredohal says, "You try the patience of House Faendryl."

Voregrek says, "We are not quite done yet. I would also like to take a moment to single out a few individuals for their exceptional bravery while attempting to thwart these individuals."

Tredohal says, "The Patriarch will hear of this..."

Voregrek says, "I have both local reports and a note received from Mayor Nihala Winterberry listing brave souls that provided invaluable assistance."

The words of the dwarven prince slowly fade into the distance as a whisper upon the roaring of a raging sea storm. "Let your fallen Patriarch hear. Hear with justice roaring as loud a thunder." Legaci thinks to himself as his eyes focus on the movement of Voregrek's lips, hearing no sound but his own thoughts. Sound suddenly returns, like time slowly restarting from a slowed and prolonged pace, as Tredohal glances at Legaci.

Voregrek says, "The honorary title of "Relic Hunter" will be granted to: Ulkov, Rolfard, Aurach, Legaci, Roblar, Leslieanna, Darqwolf, Linsha, Ordim, Whill, Madmountan, Harkel, and Dustybeard. On behalf of both myself, and Icemule we thank you for your courage and unwavering determination."

- The Present - 

Jharvis curiously asks, "The Faendryl Ambassador stared at you, master Ty'Soru? Did he say anything? Do you think he actually heard your thoughts regarding his Patriarch? And what became of this little girl?"

Smiling faintly and glancing at his empty teacup Legaci slowly responds with "Jharvis, within your hand are scrolls which may bring insight to those very questions." Jharvis nod slowly, understandingly before moving to secure the sealed-scrolls and finally taking leave of the pavilion's western wing.

"Rush not, ever, into battle for long is the War. Only by surviving it, shall one prevail for we are the Guardians of the East, Vanguard of Honor, Pride and Glory."

Relic Hunter of the Elven Nations
Humble Servant of His Majesty King Qalinor
Legaci Ty'Soru