Vothurre Veythorne Illistim

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Vothurre Veythorne Illistim was the only prominent member of the Veythorne family who was an active influence in the contemporary royal court of House Illistim. The famous Veythorne Manor was his private residence, which he opened to the public in 5104 Modern Era. The private kitchens were converted into an inn, which serves culinary delicacies to the tourists. He had recently retired to the family tradition of magical botany and tending the ancient gardens of their estate.

Vothurre was a high-ranking Elemancer, a prestigious role hand-picked by the Argent Mirror, as well as a Master of Lore by vocation. Thus, he was a highly regarded mage, one of the most powerful in Ta'Illistim. Little else was specifically known about him other than his hospitality and prominence, though his family is significantly lesser in scope than it was in antiquity, having once held estates spanning the Elven Empire on the eastern side of the DragonSpine.

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