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The Veythorne family of House Illistim was one of the most prominent. In antiquity they had been incredibly wealthy, with holdings and manors throughout the Elven Empire on its eastern side. The Veythorne were briefly part of the royal bloodline during the era of dynastic rule, just prior to the period of illegitimate descendants of Linsandrych. The husband of the little known Nionien Illistim was a prominent Veythorne merchant, and so the father of the Argent Mirror Ainlinnima Illistim, whose reign was focused on commerce and improving the affairs of business.

In recent centuries the family has been much smaller, with only a handful of members, and the only prominent one of active influence was Vothurre Veythorne Illistim. He was a high-ranking Elemancer, as well as a Master of Lore. The Veythorne family was famous for researching elementals and their planes, dating back to Meathrix Veythorne Illistim, who founded the Elemancers many centuries ago. Lady Zenlynn Veythorne, a very young member of the family, was present for the Alusius incident in Solhaven. She was horrified and dismayed that a mortal would misuse Illistim research to attempt to become one with the Elemental Confluence. Master of Lore Maical Veythorne assisted in research of the Prisma Relics in 5116.

The Veythorne Manor is a prominent landmark of Ta'Illistim. While it is typically closed to the public, its grounds are a famous tourist attraction.


Family Flourish: a series of intertwined grey and white streamers

Family Statement: "The winds of time carry the wisdom to overcome all."

Behind the Scenes

Museum Artifacts

Museum Alerreth - Weapon Recast As Necklace

>look necklace
The necklace is cast in three registers -- an upper band of dense vertical rods, a line of interlinked wire rings and a series of dangling crescent and ball beads.  The effect of the tripartite design is of a peacock's tail, complete with "eyes."  Next to the necklace is a small plaque.

>read necklace
In the Common language, it reads:
The peacock is a recurring image in couture designs in Ta'Illistim, drawn from the peacock and scroll symbol of the House itself.  This necklace, a donation from the Veythorne family, is recast from the silver hilt of a weapon used to slay the undead hordes of Despana.  Such recasts were popular after the end of the war, when the people of Ta'Illistim sought to shake off the immediacy of the conflict, while still being mindful of its consequences.

Museum Alerreth - Original Ta'Illistim Keep Doors

>look doors
One side of the set of mistwood doors is deeply weathered, the carvings of languid trees and grassy meadow foliage gone soft and indistinct.  The flowers of the carved bower are more impressions than certainties and the trees blend together in their boughs.  Two large vertical handles, each cast in heavy silver twists, are worn smoother at their centers than their tops or bottoms.  Next to the pair of doors is a small plaque.

>read doors
In the Common language, it reads:
Ta'Illistim Keep has undergone many renovations throughout its history.  These doors are all that remain of the first iteration of the Keep, which was designed by House Illistim's founder, Linsandrych Illistim.  After their initial replacement, the doors were re-used for some time on the royal family's country house, then moved into storage in an outlying equestrian facility.  When the property passed into the hands of the Veythorne family the doors were rediscovered and donated to the Library Aies.

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