Waeldan's Cards and Gifts

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Waeldan's Cards and Gifts is a specialty shop in Mist Harbor. It is located in the Great Hall in Ceiluir Glade in northwest area of Mist Harbor, through a white birch door in the foyer.(room# 20701)

[Great Hall, Gift Shop]
Golden filigree leaves spiral up the columns of the quaint shop and reach for the domed ceiling which is painted with a view of the night sky. Silver constellations wink as the lamp light reflects off of them, while tiny chimes dangling from the peak create a melodic tune that is soothing and pleasant. Several shelves are lined with cards and matching envelopes, while a small table near a white birch door houses boxes and ribbons.


Welcome to Waeldan's Cards and Gifts!

Waeldan offers his catalog to browse.
Waeldan exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a silver-edged ivory card           9. a matte gold paper envelope
  2. a gold-edged pale blue card         10. a silver-edged dark blue envelope
  3. a coffin-shaped black silk card     11. a sequined green silk gift box
  4. an elegant white parchment card     12. a gem-dusted black silk gift box
  5. a beribboned pale green card        13. a gold-edged red satin gift box
  6. a simple black parchment envelope   14. a ribbon-tied velvet gift box
  7. a gold-edged ivory envelope         15. a lace-edged white silk gift box
  8. a simple white parchment envelope   16. a bow-topped blue satin gift box