Wayside Inn

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The Wayside Inn was the first inn established at the frontier outpost of Wehnimer's Landing.


The inn was built by Rone Wehnimer in 4873, just outside of the town's north gates. Many years later, Wayside Inn, along with Frith's Inn, were the first two inns to hire carpenters to build tables that were sectioned into semi-private booths. Both inns built twenty tables. Soon after the owner of Raging Thrak Inn decided to follow suit.


Wayside Inn does not offer rooms for rent. Its sole amenities are the tables it boasts in its dining room. Unfortunately, at this time there is no food or beverage for purchase on the premises, however many adventurers enjoying gathering there to meet with friends.

It's important to note that despite being outside of the town gate, the inn is still subject to the constable's justice as though it were in town.

Upstairs in the inn, there is a single room. This room is a quiet place to rest, and is a supernode. There is a fireplace, however it is generally unlit for other reasons.