White-robed acolyte

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The white-robed acolyte is a wandering NPC in Ta'Vaalor.


>look at acolyte
The white-robed acolyte is a young elven woman clad in a pristine, flowing white robe with a black shift beneath, visible only at her collar and in its dark linen hood.  Her long, braided light brown hair hangs outside her robes, nearly reaching to the narrow golden belt which hangs low on her hips, fastened with an onyx clasp in the shape of a black gate.  She is quiet and seems distracted, her clear blue eyes gazing into the distance, and her delicate fingers often wander to the simple golden chain that hangs from her graceful neck.

Room Messaging

A white-robed acolyte removes a polished black stone from a fold of her robes.  She turns it over in her hands, contemplating it as she rubs its smooth surface, then puts it away and gazes into the distance, lost in thought.

A young elven courier approaches a white-robed acolyte and, quietly getting her attention, presents her with a folded sheet of parchment.  The acolyte opens and reads the message, then purses her lips and thinks for a moment.  She nods a thanks to the courier, who hurries on his way, and tucks the parchment into her satchel.

A white-robed acolyte looks around the area, her gaze seeming to pause on every person in turn.  She regards you closely for a moment, looking a bit concerned, then smiles slightly and turns away.

A white-robed acolyte gathers her robes beneath her and sits down.  She removes a small, gold-leafed volume from her satchel and opens it, and glances at a page marked with a silken ribbon.  She closes the book and puts it away, then lowers her eyes in quiet contemplation.

A white-robed acolyte stands up slowly, arranging her simple robes to drape gracefully around her.

A white-robed acolyte gazes into the distance, lost in thought, then slowly walks away.