Whittle and Weave

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Whittle and Weave is a specialty shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It houses an artisan Specialty design NPC.

[Whittle and Weave] RNUM: u336439
The walls of the shop are adorned with a series of intricate motifs and patterns. A long, polished wooden counter stands in the center of the room, where a tall half-elven artisan smiles warmly. Above, a constellation of luminous orbs floats about, casting a gentle and enchanting glow throughout the room.



>ask artisan about materials
A tall half-elven artisan says, "I work on cloth, wood, glass, metal, and leather items.  Please TELL me what material we are working with so I may provide you with the correct attachment listing."

>ask artisan about designs
A tall half-elven artisan says, "Here is a list of designs you can choose from.  TELL me the DESIGN number you would like to select.  This is required."

 Number   Option
      1   a striped snarling warcat
      2   a sharp-beaked rook
      3   a menacing sea otter
      4   a playful sea otter
      5   a thick-maned lion
      6   a frothing ale tankard
      7   a large rum barrel
      8   crossed blacksmith hammers
      9   a fishing net
     10   a quill and scroll
     11   a half-filled hourglass
     12   a sailing ship
     13   a ballista tower
     14   a network of sailors knots
     15   a riverboat wheel
     16   a cracked anvil
     17   a dancing kobold
     18   a field of turnips
     19   a large cloud-covered mountain
     20   a winding river
     21   a roaring pillar of fire
     22   crossed mining pickaxes
     23   a circle of daggers
     24   a moonlit bay