Wide mithril-banded cart

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The wide mithril-banded cart wanders around Dwarven Circle and Commerce Burrow in Icemule Trace, and is operated by a disgruntled dwarven clerk.

It sells an assortment of weapons compatible with unarmed combat. Current inventory listed below.


On the wide mithril-banded cart you see:

a barbed vultite spike-fist +20 yierka-spur 24313
a barbed imflass spike-fist +12 yierka-spur 9239
a barbed mithril spike-fist +5 yierka-spur 2432
a barbed iron spike-fist +0 yierka-spur 59
an angular vultite tiger-claw +20 tiger-claw 19450
an angular imflass tiger-claw +12 tiger-claw 7294
an angular mithril tiger-claw +5 tiger-claw 1654
an angular iron tiger-claw +0 tiger-claw 49
a vultite-spiked paingrip +20 paingrip 12643
an imflass-spiked paingrip +12 paingrip 5446
a mithril-spiked paingrip +5 paingrip 1167
an iron-spiked paingrip +0 paingrip 30
a vultite-studded cestus +20 cestus 12643
an imflass-studded cestus +12 cestus 5446
a mithril-studded cestus +5 cestus 1167
an iron-studded cestus +0 cestus 30