Wildwood Settlement

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The Wildwood Settlement was a settlement established by an elven family on an island in the Cairnfang River.

Wildwood was the name of the family translated into common. They had fled from the Kannalan city of Ziristal and had set up a defensive position upon an island in the Cairnfang River in 3961. At its height, the settlement was represented by battlements and a castle. However, just short of two centuries time, the settlement was attacked by sorcerous dark forces. The Wildwoods put up a spirited defense to allow for the residents to flee to an opposite side of the river. The battle, which waged through the night, ceased under dawn light. Revealed in the morning was a magical ward that hid the settlement and any survivors from sight. The survivors who had fled the night before went on to establish the first attempt at permanent settlement of Vornavis and Solhaven.

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