Wizard Guild (Icemule Trace)

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The Icemule Trace Wizard Guild is right near Town Center. The path from TC is indicated on the map with smaller rooms. The guild is located through a mithril gate on Demons Lane.


The workshop is past the west hallway of the guild. It is a useful place for enchanting, charging items, and Magic Item Creation (420).


Another spectacular place to view the night sky, complete with a telescope.


Guild Master

Old Guild Master Cardigan peers at the world over a pair of small spectacles, their purpose unclear since he never seems to look through them. Even if he did, his short stature certainly wont help much.

Training Administrator Geddle

It's a Training Adminstrator. Stop looking and start training.

Master Elementalists

Master Elementalist Carn, Master Elementalist Tedran, Master Elementalist Kaitlyn, Master Elementalist Marin, Master Elementalist Cadder and Master Elementalist Danil.

The masters do not have unique descriptions.


There are some refreshments available in the Library.

Drink Food
snifter of wild cherry brandy frosted cinnamon tart
flute of raspberry wine glazed lemon turnover
slender vegetable sandwich

Guild Shop

The Guild Shop is located in the annex in the shelter outside of the main building. Tempering potions for enchanting as well as pendants for Call Familiar can be found here. Note: Prices taken by a sylvan. Prices may vary due to race, citizenship, influence, or trading skill.

Item Price Information Item Price Information
a sarmoc potion 6250 temper removing potion some artic blue leather gloves 6250 pinworn
a sisfu potion 21875 enchanting potion a blue and gold twisted silk belt 7500 waistworn, VSA
a mirtokh potion 43750 enchanting potion a soft white leather cloak 50000 shoulderworn, VLA
a dirtokh potion 12500 enchanting potion an ochre tabby cat pendant 6250 neckworn
a duqnuru potion 6875 enchanting potion a silvery ptarmigan pendant 6250 neckworn
a rohnuru potion 4375 enchanting potion an alabaster snow owl pendant 6250 neckworn
an enruned ivory wand 18750 an onyx emperor penguin pendant 6250 neckworn
a silver etched modwir wand 6250 a modwir artic wolf pendant 6250 neckworn
a silver-edged white hood 6250 headworn, VSA a wooden talisman neckworn unbound familiar talisman
a soft white wizard's hat 6250 headworn, VSA

Alchemy Shop

The alchemy shop is located through the gap to the far right of the alchemy annex.

Item Price Item Price
a black iron cauldron 10000 a pinch of mithril dust 1000
a mortar 4000 a dark glimmering crystal 1000
a pestle 1000 a vial of concentrated firethorn essence 3000
a leather tome 10000 a dark shadow-shrouded crystal 400
a flask of clear water 100 a shining silver crystal fragment 1500
a flask of blessed water 100 some powdered clear topaz 20
a flask of pure oil 100 some powdered almandine garnet 130
a flask of blessed oil 100 some powdered black jasper 100
a vial of viscous liquid 100 some powdered rose quartz 160
a vial of sand-like liquid 100 some powdered citrine quartz 160
a vial of pearlescent oil 100 some powdered golden topaz 1200
a vial of amber-hued oil 100 some powdered pink topaz 800
a diamond lens 35000 some powdered smoky topaz 1000
a sapphire lens 22500 some powdered blue lapis lazuli 1200
an emerald lens 30000 some powdered green malachite stone 1000
a ruby lens 30000 some powdered green garnet 1000
an amethyst lens 12000 some powdered pink rhodochrosite stone 1000
a shadowglass lens 25000 some powdered white opal 1600
some dark glittering powder 1500 some powdered star ruby 2400
a blue mist-shrouded crystal 800 some powdered yellow sapphire 1800
a pinch of iron dust 300 some powdered violet sapphire 2000
a jagged translucent crystal 400 some powdered star sapphire 2400
a pale blue runed crystal shard 250 some powdered green sapphire 1800
a shard of cloudy crystal 400 some powdered blue sapphire 6000
a shimmering prismatic shard 250 some powdered blood red garnet 1000
a pinch of gold dust 600 some powdered gold nugget 800
a runed azure crystal 250 some powdered blue coral 60
a runed crimson crystal 350 some powdered turquoise stone 800
some coarse glittering earth 500 some powdered white pearl 5000


Icemule Trace Wizard Guild Map