Wizard Guild (Kharam Dzu)

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The Kharam Dzu Wizard Guild is located at the very south end of Dragonspine on the east side of town.


Located outside the main doors of the guild stands the guild shop. This shop sells potions and pendants, but not Alchemy supplies. Those are located in a separate shop inside the main guild available to guild members only.

The guild shop takes trading skill into account when determining prices.

Item Price Information
a Rohnuru potion 4375
a Duqnuru potion 6875
a Mirtokh potion 43750
a Dirtokh potion 12500
a Sarmoc potion 6250
a Sisfu potion 21875
a crimson red leather cloak 50000 8 lbs, VLA for any items
a red and gold twisted silk belt 7500 <2 lbs, VSA for 1 item
a crimson wizard's hat 6250 <2 lbs, VSA for a couple of items
a gold-trimmed crimson hood 6250 <2 lbs, VSA for a couple of items
some fiery red leather gloves 6250 <2 lbs, pinworn
a silver etched modwir wand 6250
an enruned ivory wand 18750
a grey mouse pendant 6250 <2 lbs, neck worn
an obsidian lemur pendant 6250 <2 lbs, neck worn
a beige chameleon pendant 6250 <2 lbs, neck worn
a topaz frog pendant 6250 <2 lbs, neck worn
a wooden talisman 625 For familiars


On the narrow table you see a jug of mead.


Guild Master

Guild Master Wahlgren is not your average giantman!

Training Administrator Horigan

It's a Training Adminstrator. Stop looking and start training.

Master Elementalists

Master Elementalist Doridan, Master Elementalist Mundik, Master Elementalist Gaderok, Master Elementalist Reorzen, Master Elementalist Anduren, Master Elementalist Therudin

The masters do not have unique descriptions.


Kharam Dzu Wizard Guild