Wizard Guild (Kraken's Fall)

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The entrance to the Kraken's Fall Wizard Guild, is located at the intersection of Mantle's Landing and Cranial Crawl (lich: 28885, real room id: 7118202). It is built on a series of small landmasses hugging the coastline, including The Weeping Isle and the Isle of Wisdom. To enter the Guild, the wizard must solve a puzzle involving language and the flickering portal located on Mantle's Landing.


The guild shop is located in the [Tower of Wisdom, Supplies] (lich rm 29794; real room id: 689043):

Item Price Information
a Rohnuru potion 3500
a Duqnuru potion 5500
a Dirtokh potion 10000
a Mirtokh potion 35000
an undiluted green ayan'eth potion 10000
an undiluted blue ayan'eth potion 25000
an undiluted indigo ayan'eth potion 50000
an undiluted violet ayan'eth potion 75000
a Sisfu potion 17500
a Sarmoc potion 5000
a pale green velvet cloak 40000 <8 lbs, shoulder-worn, holds a very large amount (80-99 range)
a pointed green wizard's hat 5000 <2 lbs, VSA for a couple of items
a silver-etched driftwood wand 5000 <2 lbs, cannot be worn
a pewter hermit crab pendant 2000 <2 pounds, neck worn
a driftwood talisman 500 <2 pounds, neck worn
a tiny pewter-chased amulet 5000 <2 pounds, neck worn

Alchemy Shop

The Alchemy shop is located in the [Tower of Wisdom, Storeroom] (lich 29795, real room id: 689044):

Item Price Item Price
a black iron cauldron 10000 some coarse glittering earth 500
a mortar 4000 a pinch of mithril dust 1000
a pestle 1000 a dark glimmering crystal 1000
a leather tome 10000 a vial of concentrated firethorn essence 3000
a flask of clear water 100 a dark shadow-shrouded crystal 400
a flask of blessed water 100 a shining silver crystal fragment 400
a flask of pure oil 100 some powdered clear topaz 20
a flask of blessed oil 100 some powdered almandine garnet 130
a vial of viscous liquid 100 some powdered black jasper 100
a vial of sand-like liquid 100 some powdered rose quartz 160
a vial of pearlescent oil 100 some powdered citrine quartz 160
a vial of amber-hued oil 100 some powdered golden topaz 1200
a diamond lens 35000 some powdered pink topaz 800
a sapphire lens 22500 some powdered smoky topaz 1000
an emerald lens 30000 some powdered blue lapis lazuli 1200
a ruby lens 30000 some powdered green malachite stone 1000
an amethyst lens 12000 some powdered green garnet 1400
a shadowglass lens 25000 some powdered pink rhodochrosite stone 1000
some dark glittering powder 1500 some powdered white opal 1600
a blue mist-shrouded crystal 800 some powdered star ruby 2400
a pinch of iron dust 300 some powdered yellow sapphire 1800
a jagged translucent crystal 400 some powdered violet sapphire 2000
a pale runed crystal shard 250 some powdered star sapphire 2400
a shard of cloudy crystal 400 some powdered green sapphire 1800
a shimmering prismatic shard 250 some powdered blue sapphire 6000
a pinch of gold dust 1500 some powdered blue coral 60
a runed azure crystal 250 some powdered turquoise 800
a runed crimson crystal 350 some powdered white pearl 5000


Located at Tower of Knowledge, Instruction (lich 29778, real room id 689013)
On the refreshment cart: a glass of deep burgundy wine, a bowl of blood oranges, some sugared dark-hued blackberries, a slice of red pepper-encrusted pork tenderloin, a flaky buttered croissant, a bar of fiery pepperjack cheese, a small chocolate-covered eclair, a glass of cool spring water


Guild Master Qitranais
Located in [Tower of Wisdom, Main Office] (lich 29797, real room id 689048)
Training Administrator Caelisa
Located in [Tower of Knowledge, Office] (lich 29779, real room id 689011)
Master Elementalists Mardaw, Yunto, Croatekai, Qarnoail and Requardi
Located in [Tower of Knowledge, Instruction] (lich 29778, real room id 689013)


Kraken's Fall Wizard Guild Map