Wizard Guild (River's Rest)

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The River's Rest Wizard Guild is south of the South River Road outside of town, near the Guardians of Sunfist outpost. The guild is located through a pair of ivy-covered gates.

Guild Shop

Note:Prices may vary due to trading, race, stats, etc.

Item Description Price Location Capacity Weight Special Ability
a grey wolf pendant 4995 Neck <2
a white cat pendant 4995 Neck <2
a black cat pendant 4995 Neck <2
a field mouse pendant 4995 Neck <2
a horned frog pendant 4995 Neck <2
a black raven pendant 4995 Neck <2
a hawk pendant 4995 Neck <2
a white owl pendant 4995 Neck <2
a sarmoc potion 4995 2
a sisfu potion 17484 2
a duqnuru potion 5495 2
a rohnuru potion 3496 2
a dirtokh potion 9991 2
a mirtokh potion 34968 2
a silver etched modwir wand 4995 <2
an enruned ivory wand 14986 <2
a rumpled green hood 4995 Head VSA for a couple <2
a soft green wizard hat 4995 Head VSA for a couple <2
some beige leather gloves 4995 pinworn <2
a green and tan twisted silk belt 5994 waist VSA for one <2
a verdant green leather cloak 39964 Cloak VLA 8
a wooden talisman 499 <2


There is a workshop in the eastern end of the guild. It is a useful place for enchanting, charging items, and Magic Item Creation (420).

One of the torches flickers as a few droplets of water condenced from a low point on the dome fall and singe upon it.


The library in the middle of the guild is the location of Guild Master Acirem and the Skilled Masters.


Guild Master

Guild Master Acirem is a moody half elf.

Training Administrator Eirea

It's a Training Adminstrator. Stop looking and start training.

Master Elementalists

Master Elementalist Daryn, Master Elementalist Jerrem, Master Elementalist Khine, Master Elementalist Thalia, Master Elementalist Badrah and Master Elementalist Kaeleigh.

The Master Elementalists do not have unique descriptions.


River's Rest Wizard Guild