Yunni (prime)

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Yunni Radottir
Portrait of Yunni
Artist: Created by the uploader with Midjourney
Race Elf
Culture Ardenai
Class Ranger
Religion Undecided
Affiliation(s) Guardians of Sunfist, Gilded Talon Consortium, Illyan Syndicate
Disposition Shy
Demeanor Friendly
Flaw Gullible, naïve
Hobbies Fishing, reading books, fletching, playing her piccolo when she thinks no one is watching
Likes Archery, sailing, nature, animals, destroying warcamps, rum, darts
Dislikes Grimswarm, bandits, rudeness
Fears Being unaccepted

Yunni Radottir is an Elf currently residing in Ta'Vaalor.


Being young and unsure of what she wanted out of life, Yunni left her home in the city of Ta'Ardenai and began her journey to travel all of Elanthia. Before leaving her younger sister gifted her a piccolo to serve as a memento of their time growing up together, which she treasures dearly.

During her travels she came across a recruiter of the Guardians of Sunfist who invited her to visit the Grandmaster in Zul Logoth. Not long after learning the history of the society she took her oath to oppose the Grimswarm and their allies. This path eventually led Yunni to take part in an Assault on the Grimswarm led by The Wyvern’s Honor and Ta’Vaalor’s Crimson Legion Reserves.

Upon meeting some of the Legionnaires, citizens and friends of the fortress alike, Yunni was inspired to apply for partial citizenship and involve herself in the community. Shortly after she was accepted into the ranks of the Gilded Talon Consortium, offering her services as a crewman until the day comes when she is captain of her own vessel.

Yunni spends most her time in between Ta'Vaalor and Ta'Illistim, where she continues to hone her skills and learn from those she looks up to.


You see Yunni Radottir Ardenai. She appears to be an Elf. She is taller than average. She appears to be very young. She has long-lashed crystal green eyes and fair skin. She has long, braided strawberry blonde hair worn in elaborate braids. She has a delicate face and thin eyebrows.

She is wearing a broad golden straw hat that curls at the edges, a high-collared dark leather jacket fastened with thick fel toggles, a blackened yew long bow flecked with drakar shards slung over her shoulder, a taupe linen tunic strapped at the rolled up sleeves, a dark brown pouch, a pair of sinew-stitched tanned leather trousers, a gold-washed linden thigh-quiver, and a pair of wide-cuffed golden brown buckskin boots