Gilded Talon Consortium

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Left to right: Founders Uniana, Aureliano, and Teveriel meet to formalize plans for the organization of the Gilded Talon Consortium, 5122
Artist: Sonya100years

Mission Statement

The Gilded Talon Consortium supports legal and safe sailing and trade by its presence in the Sea of Mists adjacent to Ta'Vaalor. An independent organization not officially sanctioned on behalf of the crown, the Consortium nevertheless seeks to exemplify the noble spirit of House Vaalor in all of its dealings by keeping their operations entirely blameless.


The Gilded Talon Consortium was born from a proposal made by Aureliano Tiberius to Lady Uniana and Lord Teveriel Anduin shortly after the announcement of a new harbor being built east of the City of Swords.


a crimson-flanked square of ebon centered by a gilded talon

The flag of the Gilded Talon Consortium, designed and rendered by the Gilded Talon Consortium.





Disclaimer: As of right now, this is a list of interested parties who will be given priority once MHO applications open. They will undergo the same application process as future prospective members.

  • Gwynek - Captain of The Fancy Fuchsia Zombie
  • Arianiss - Captain of The Battered Sage Drake
  • Mex - Captain of The Zealous Ivory Voyager
  • Dezter - Captain of The Lazy Blue Capybara
  • Aphaedra - Captain of The Frightful Sanguine Kraken
  • Orssus - Cannoneer Extraordinaire
  • Laermeluion
  • Anarquendi
  • Vyctus Scio - Captain of The Gleaming Grey Dragon
  • Esana Ilynov
  • Velien
  • Lissaya Vaillancourt - Captain of the Witty Lavender Revenge
  • Yunni (prime)



The Consortium is currently enlisting any of sound body and mind who have an interest in maritime trade and/or defense. Prospective members must be in good standing with the city-state of Ta'Vaalor and sovereign territories.


Meetings will be held as necessary on a basis to be determined as our membership grows.





Date Event Notes
11/05/2023 Ravelin Farmer's Market Promoting free trade with premium foreign goods and services.
01/22/2023 Patrolling the Sea of Mists Keeping the trade ways clear of pirates.
Date Event Notes
12/28/2022 Patrolling the Sea of Mists Keeping the trade ways clear of pirates.
07/31/2022 Nautical Trivia Winner: Perigourd Runner-Up: Missoni