Zephyr Hall

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Zephyr Hall is the Premium Hall located just outside of Wehnimer's Landing. To reach it, exit the Landing by way of the North Gate (which will put you just outside of the Wayside Inn). Then go NORTH, GO PATH (Lich #20733).

A table stocked with Premium teleportation jewelry is located on a wide gold-chased table in the Common Room (Lich #20734), the first room you will enter after you pass through the Hall's rustic ironwood doors.

On the gold-chased table you see a stylized gold warcat pendant, a glacial white smooth glaes armband, a braided silken ribbon choker, a tiny carved fel otter totem, a coiled mithglin chain armband, an enameled onyx night sky pendant, a simple blued steel wristchain, a miniature wax memorial candle amulet, a jeweled wildflower carcanet, a silver etched rolton-link bracelet, a crumbling stone tower pin, a blown glass replica bay bauble, a turnip-topped carved willow stickpin, a silver-bladed dagger medallion and an oak and amber doe totem.

The Common Room is also a supernode.

Food and drink are available for Four Winds members in the Library (Lich #20743), which you reach by GOing through a burled MAPLE DOORWAY in the Common Room; the Restaurant (Lich #20744), which you get to by GOing down a dimly lit HALLWAY in the Library; and the Barroom (#20738), which is one EAST of the Restaurant.

Food and drink in the Library:

On the dessert table you see a tray of bits of blue cheese, several bunches of red grapes, some honey and fig-filled pastries, a peaches and cream cake and some chocolate blackberry fudge.
On the drink tray you see a carafe of hot cocoa, a carafe of hot tea, a jug of chocolate milk and a pitcher of cherry lemonade.

Food and drink in the Restaurant:

On the maoral sideboard you see some blackened Kezmonian mackerel, a pile of duck skewers, a heaping bowl of pasta, a tray of chunks of raw eel, a pitcher of cherry lemonade, a careen of beet salad, some herb and cheese-stuffed cockatrice, a bottle of sparkling wine and a crystal bowl of rum punch.

Drinks in the Barroom:

On the long wooden bar you see a decanter of hot buttered rum, a bottle of sparkling wine, a flask of White Hot whiskey, a juniper and lemon concoction, a pitcher of honeyed whiskey cream, a decanter of mint-infused rum and a bottle of cinnamon-spiced mead.

Through an archway in the Barroom is a Game Room (#20737) with BlackDrake tables.

The Back Lawn (#20745) contains a flower bed with flowers that can be picked.

In the flower bed you see a fresh daisy, a fresh rose, a fresh orchid, a fresh carnation and a fresh tulip.