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Gender female
Race halfling
Title Zany
Service(s) GALD
Venue Icemule Trace

Zicune is merchant who frequently plays the game Widdershins in the Hall of Madness, frequently in honor of the Arkati Zelia.


You see Zany Zicune the Unhinged.
She appears to be a Brughan Halfling.
She is tiny.  She appears to be young.  She has mismatched green and grey eyes and alabaster skin.  She has shoulder length, frizzy amber hair with a single braid falling between her eyes.  She has a fleshy face, a flaring nose and a pronounced overbite.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a paper boat-shaped hat, a silver-strung purple diamond unicorn, an off-white stuffed toy rolton pack, a threadbare cotton satchel, a white and green dotted shirt, a bright pink satin silk skirt with white chiffon lace around the waist topped with a large green metal pickle, some horizontally-striped pink and white leggings, and some oversized fluffy large bear paws.

Behind the Scenes

Zicune can be found in both prime and platinum.