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Ziigafel is the dwarven girl-Priestess of Lorminstra in the Kharam Dzu Temple on Teras Isle.

Note:This article contains the information for the Teras Isle deed puzzle. It does not, however, include the prayer wheel answer.


The diminutive girl is draped in black velvet robes, a simple silver link belt ties her waist.  She appears to be about five years old, but an inexplicable aura of wisdom surrounds her.

A random brown curl pokes out from beneath her black headdress, and a single silver chain hangs from her left ear.  Her wide, green eyes and sweet smile complete her pleasant mien.


>ask zii about god
You ask Ziigafel about the local gods. Ziigafel says, "Uhm, Lorminstra is the Goddess here? There are others, and...but I don't remember what their names is." >ask zii about lorminstra
You ask Ziigafel about Lorminstra. Ziigafel smiles and says, "Yeah. Lorminstra's the Goddess. She's vewy powerful an' vewy good. Her tears give us life and we can pray for her to favor us with deeds." She stops to point at the archway behind her. "This place is for asking Lorminstra for her blessings." >ask zii about deed
You ask Ziigafel how to get deeds. Ziigafel nods. "I kin answer that..."
Ziigafel grabs ahold of your hand and gently urges you to kneel where she can talk to you more easily. "Getting Lorminstra's blessing is easy," Ziigafel begins. Ziigafel counts on her fingers to emphasize her words: "First, you make a donation in the box an' once Lorminstra tells me you give enough, I pick out the right kind of incense for you--Lorminstra likes incense! It smells nice!" Ziigafel continues, "It's kinda 'spensive, an' hard to pick out jest the right kind, so I hafta do it. Lorminstra tells me what she likes from everyone--an' evr'one's diffrent!" "So make a donation, an'...uhm...then you walk down the Spiral Order," Ziigafel says, pointing to the archway behind her. "Everything has order and Lorminstra likes order, so's important to learn the Order." Ziigafel says, "Then you go to the dock an' at the dock you sing a song--a nice, pretty song. Lorminstra likes pretty songs--all sorts of 'em--but you need to sing this one:" Ziigafel clears her throat and sings: "All great princes, kings and queens,
Come before to hear Her sing.
Incense burnt for Her delight
Insures their souls another Night." Ziigafel does a little curtsy. "THEN," Ziigafel says with emphasis, "you get on the boat and the boat takes you to the musherroom island an' then you get off an' go up the stairs an' there's Lorminstra's golem. Her golem's pretty!" Ziigafel scratches her nose. "Then, you make your prayers with the prayer wheels," she says, demonstrating spinning an imaginary prayer wheel. "First spin the left one, then the right one." Ziigafel says, "Make your prayers right an' then give the golem your incense. If you make your prayers right, she'll light your incense and Lorminstra will give you blessings! N'then to come back, jest sing this song like this:" Ziigafel sings in her diminutive, melodic voice: "Depart, oh Night, from me be gone!
For I have heard Lorminstra's song.
Thy face, oh Night, she does make pale
And now, from here, I shall set sail."
Ziigafel beams. "That's it!" >ask zii about song
You ask Ziigafel about her songs. Ziigafel says, "I know lotsa songs! This is my fayvrit," she says as she sings a little ditty, complete with adorable choreography: "Song I sing to start my day, And Ronald rings his bell. Silver Susee bathes away, And Poul gets clean as well. Gold Gertie grinds her grits, Is Betty going to sell? Eye Eee, Oh Ee Ding Dong daaay!"

Room Messaging

The dwarven girl-Priestess Ziigafel gestures in an act of genuflection, and rattles off a rapid prayer.  Her smooth brow is disturbed by a few worrying wrinkles.  "Kit-it-tah," she adds to her prayer, and repeats the genuflection.  Her brow smoothes once again.

Ziigafel smiles and rubs her nose.

Ziigafel whistles a merry little tune while performing some amusing little hand gestures.  When she stops, she says, "Do you like that song?  I can teach it to you!"

A powder-blue butterfly flits in through the open window and flutters to the ground before Ziigafel's feet.  It's doubtful that the poor creature can fly any further: its wing appears horrendously torn and its antennae bent.

"Not again!" Ziigafel gasps and carefully scoops up the tiny thing.  Muttering a short prayer, she gently kisses the insect and extends her charge away from her.  Ziigafel holds her breath.

You watch in amazement as the butterfly slowly repairs itself: its wing mends, the antennae straighten with a vibrating *sproink!*.  The butterfly brightens in color, as if taken afresh with a new spirit of sturdiness.

"Good girl," Ziigafel whispers to it as it opens and shuts its tiny wings.  "Now fly!" Ziigafel urges and gives it a little toss.  The butterfly flutters hesitantly at first, then with a burst of confidence, flits back through the open window and into the sunshine.

"Bye!" the little priestess says cheerily as she waves to her recovered patient.

"BlleaaaaahhhhHCSHSHSHEEEWWWWEEEEE!" Ziigafel sneezes, startling herself as well as everyone around her.  "Sowwy," she apologizes with a slight curtsy and rubs her nose with the back of her hand.

Do not cast an attack spell at Ziigafel or you will be killed and every single item in your inventory will be cursed:

You gesture at the dwarven girl-Priestess Ziigafel.
You begin to feel as though attacking Ziigafel was a mistake! A sense of terror grips you as you feel a sudden compression inside your chest...
It seems you have died, my friend. Although you cannot do anything, you are keenly aware of what is going on around you...
You mentally give a sigh of relief as you remember that the Goddess Lorminstra owes you a favor.
...departing in 13 mins...
A group of acolytes snatch up Ziigafel and whisk her to safety.