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Akhri was a Krolvin who secretly worked with the residents of Teras Isle to take over the title of Czag Dubra from Moradga. Akhri was murdered by Sankir the Bloodfist when he was passed over for this promotion.


You see Akhri the Krolvin Stormcrow.
The Stormcrow has a vaguely ape-like appearance. It has long dexterous fingers capped by long nails. Its skin is a grayish-blue and it has thick white hair covering its head and spreading across its shoulders and down its back.
She is holding a jagged steel short sword in her right hand and a reinforced shield in her left hand.
She is wearing some salt-stained brown leather boots, a brass-studded leather tasse, a salt-covered black leather pouch, a weathered black leather cape frayed and torn along the hem, and some black salt-stained armor.