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I'm the player of multiple characters across three accounts. I don't think I have what would be called a "main" but I think Aleid and Avalera would be in the running for the title if so.

Sometimes I feel as though I'm taking a lot of liberties. I want to ensure that I'm following the prescribed rules while also adding improvements that have a net positive effect.


One of the things stressed in the style guide is the importance of consistency. Do we need more templates to help with this or do they just get in the way?
How much leeway do we have when it comes to making and adding templates?
How much leeway do we have when it comes to adding categories?
I know we can't add new lich pages, but can we dovetail new information into current pages?
Is there an existing template - other than {{log2}} that can be used to add line breaks more efficiently than <br>?
Will moderators be returning?

Wiki Projects

Formatting Wehnimer's Landing storyline characters.
Updating any missing information on verbs.
Making pages for currently active merchants.
Reformatting the item pages for the River's Rest Museum.
Clearing out the Special:WantedCategories page (pretty much done as much as I can).
Creating a list of all known stock signature verbs.
Adding the template to H4H prize items.

Personal Projects

Gathering information for some sort of alteration guide.
Learning how to use wiki formatting as opposed to just mimicking other pages.
Understanding the parts of a template.
Finishing Aleid's personal history
Finishing Malinya's personal history

Wiki Things

Things to Memorize

Tables: When making a table for verb traps, this seems to be the most often-used style (! makes the line bold):
{| {{prettytable|background:#F0F8FF;height:15px;}} 
|- style="background:#000080; vertical-align: top; font-size: larger; color:white;"
Color: When used judiciously, color can be a helpful tool:
|<strong><span style="color:Red;">'''Reds'''</span></strong>

Things to Learn

What exactly is 400px?? Pixel width! I knew that!

Frequently Used Templates


|storyline = <!-- add storyline2, storyline3, and storyline4 fields on a new line, as appropriate -->
|gender = 
|race = 
|life = <!-- Is the NPC dead or alive? -->
|hometown = 
|relationships = 
|alias = 
|affiliation = }}

Potential Templates

A template for the verb list - although the verb list is nearly complete, I don't mind retro-fitting them.

Templates I've made


Useful Links

A beginner's guide to the Lich mapdb
DR Lich Mapping Reference
HTML Color Codes
Wiki Cheatsheet