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Aqilorn is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.

Aqilorn (a-KEE-lorn) is a unique blend of silk and thread-of-vaalorn that is highly prized by the nobility of House Vaalor for its shimmering appearance and supple, yet rigid texture.


Techniques for creating aqilorn are a closely guarded secret, as it is usually only produced exclusively by the fortress city-state of Ta'Vaalor by highly trained master weavers. Rumor has it: it requires both master weavers and master metalsmiths working in close concert to produce. This fabric is quite old, dating back to the founding of House Vaalor. Unfortunately, the method of creation was lost until recently rediscovered by an inquisitive Burghal gnome who stumbled upon a pattern book deep beneath the Fortress. The time and material requirements in creating the fabric make it extremely rare in large pieces and prohibitively expensive for all but the upper nobility.


Aqilorn is most widely used by the Noble Houses of Ta'Vaalor as a material for traveling garments and ceremonial wear. The extra strength and rigidity that the thread-of-vaalorn adds to the silk provide excellent protection from the elements without the burden of additional weight. Due to such characteristics, aqilorn holds form exceptionally well and beautifully complements other armor-based materials without sacrificing style. This makes it a suitable material for accenting robes, light leather, and full leather armors. Though woven with vaalorn thread, aqilorn carries no native enchantment, as the process in drawing the metal into thread degrades it.


Aqilorn is soft like the finest silk, yet has a subtle rigidity to it which allows it to maintain its structure. Regardless of the fabric's color, the addition of the thread-of-vaalorn adds a shimmering quality to the material which may or may not be readily visible depending on the weave. Traditionally, aqilorn was only produced in crimson and gold, as it was used exclusively by the monarchy during the early days of House Vaalor. Some obscure references have mentioned a "royal fabric," and scholars believe aqilorn to be the referenced material in such texts. With the rediscovery of the creation process, the tones of aqilorn can be replicated in any hue that you may find in silk, providing a much more varied range of colors in modern versions of the fabric.

General Restrictions

Small patches of the cloth are available in the form of cobbling materials, pouches, and small purses/packs. The strength and durability of the cloth make it ideal for containers of all sorts, though the rarity of large pieces of the fabric make them extremely scarce. Larger pieces such as tunics, cloaks, gowns, and so on are much rarer and sold only on a rotating basis within Ta'Vaalor.