Argent Mirror audience after theft of The Dawn Rose airship (log)

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Dated: 17 Koaratos 5116 from the Ta'Illistim Keep

The announcement went out a few days beforehand that the Argent Mirror would be making an announcement at the Ta'Illistim Keep early on Restday evening. It was noted that anyone with knowledge of or interest in someone named Vagrance is encouraged to attend. A respectable gathering of people from the Elven Nations and beyond came to the Audience. Luxelle went - you will see only a few first person references, but that is Luxelle speaking at that time. Most of the incidental movements and comments were edited out of this so that only the references relevant to the Mirror's topic remain.

[Ta'Illistim Keep, The Argentate]
The airy chamber is rectangular, its ceiling a soaring vault of reflective silver-gilt mosaic. Beneath the glassy mirror is an open expanse of polished stone flooring and a rostrum, the surface raised three stairsteps above the rest of the room. Two doors, mistwood paneled in silver plating, mark the long walls of the hall, and an immense arch stands opposite the platform. You also see a guardsman.
Obvious exits: none

>go east door
[Ta'Illistim Keep, Council Salon]
The council chamber rises in three stages -- stone, glass, and tile. Its lowest register, the floor and walls, is silvery grey. Above that, a ring of windows stack one atop another, paned in alternating clear and blue glass. At the dome of the room, a mosaic covers the ceiling, depicting the formal crest of House Illistim with its peacock pavonated. A round table and upholstered seats take up the majority of the floor, though ample space is present in a ring around the furniture. You also see a velvet rope.

>look rope
The blue velvet rope is stretched between two silver poles, each capped with a labradorite teardrop. Behind the rope is an arched set of silver double doors.

>go rope
[Audience of the Argentate]
Silver-framed fan vaulting graces the lofty ceiling, surrounding a glass-paned oculus. Save for the space occupied by two sets of portals, one arched and one square, the stone walls are covered fully with oversized mirrors, which reflect the room over and over, leaving no corner hidden or unseen. A jeweled throne, complete with three steps up to its raised seat, sits in the middle of the room. Several lesser chairs are scattered in front of it. You also see a guardsman.

A crier steps into view, clad in the silver and blue livery of House Illistim. His booming voice announces, "Hear ye, hear ye. The court of Ta'Illistim will be in session this night. The Argent Mirror will be discussing an important matter in Ta'Illistim Keep shortly."

A crier steps into view, clad in the silver and blue livery of House Illistim. His booming voice announces, "Hear ye, hear ye. The court of Ta'Illistim will be in session this night. The Argent Mirror will be discussing an important matter in Ta'Illistim Keep Argentate shortly."

Lord Murstyr Javilerre just arrived.

Murstyr nods.

Aeriadrn recites:

"Per the request of the Argent Mirror, all present are requested to speak common, so all may understand."

You see Lord Aeriadrn Ghaeriden Illistim the Seneschal of Ta'Illistim Keep.
He appears to be an Elf.
He is tall and appears to be aged. He has small, flinty grey eyes and pale skin. He has shoulder length, thick platinum hair tucked neatly behind his ears. He has an angular face and a sharp, pointed chin.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a sapphire blue leather folio in his left hand.
He is wearing a small silver pin, a fitted silver-on-blue brocade cotehardie, a grey silk armband embroidered with a series of silver blades around a white peacock, an enameled silver signet ring, a thin silver hip-belt, some argent silk hosen, and some gilt-heeled blue leather shoes.

Aeriadrn recites:

"I will ask that we behave as is appropriate for such a place and in the presence of the Argent Mirror, our beloved ruler."

A member of the Sapphire Guard pounds the butt of his halberd against the stone floor -- rapping three times. His booming voice announces, "The Ladies and Lord Councillors of Thrones."

The member of the Sapphire Guard pounds the butt of his halberd against the stone floor -- each sharp rap sounding like a crack of thunder. Around the room, several ladies drop into curtsies and men into half bows. The guardsman, his voice deep, announces, "Argent Mirror Myasara Illistim, her Illumination, Head of House Illistim, Monarch of the Illistimi People, Defender of Ta'Illistim and Keeper of Knowledge."

Myasara passes through the open aisle in the center of the assembled crowd, pausing before the rostrum. She regards the large chair and the book atop it with respect, then takes her own seat on the lower throne.

Myasara climbs the three steps up to the throne, then in one smooth motion, turns and sits.

Myasara says, "Please."

Myasara extends her hands in front of her.

Myasara says, "We will not be very formal this night. As there are matters of urgency for us to discuss."

Myasara looks about the room allowing her eyes to rest upon members of Crimson Legion.

Myasara says, "We respect our cousins of the fortress."

Myasara says, "We are very pleased to see them here for this discussion."

Myasara says, "We have heard of this airship marvel."

Myasara says, "Our Artificers were to travel to the Fortress for the purpose of knowledge and to offer their skills and ability with flight training."

Myasara says, "Those plans,however, have changed it would seem."

Myasara says, "We have been informed of the theft of this wonder ship."

Myasara says, "We place no blame, that is not the purpose of this meeting."

Myasara says, "We trust our Royal Cousin and his soldiers, today, and always."

Myasara says, "Our Cousin has informed us of the theft and the name of one..."

Aeriadrn says, "Vagrance Birch."

Myasara says, "Ah yes, that was his name."

Myasara says, "We understand the importance of this ship."

Myasara says, "The situation is dire as the ship may or may not be safe at this time."

Myasara says, "Dangerous or not, this new magical device should not be in the wrong hands."

Myasara says, "As I said this will be a bit more informal, but we will have manners."

Myasara says, "Now."

You see Argent Mirror Myasara Illistim, her Illumination.
Myasara is surrounded by attendants, and a group of Sapphire Guards stands at attention nearby.
She is an Elf. She has large, faintly tilted grey eyes and luminous, though pale, skin. She has long, ringlets of auburn hair gathered loosely with a golden ribbon. The planes of her cheekbones and the tips of her ears are both sharply slanted, giving her an angular quality.
She is wearing a slender golden necklace strung with tiny sapphire blossoms, an alabaster silk kirtle with flaring gold-lined sleeves over a sheer sapphire silk overgown embroidered with golden roses, a thick aureate thumb signet, and a pair of gilt-soled alabaster silk slippers.

Myasara says, "We are prepared to lend our full support to the King of Vaalor and the chronomages in their work to recover it."

Myasara asks, "We would ask if the High Legionnaire would be able to give us a better description of this criminal?"

Kakoon says, "Vagrance Birch is human. Contacts with the Empire are aware of who he is and call him a charlatan. They also claim no ties to him. During his time in Ta'Vaalor he spouted doom and destruction, we believe in hopes that someone would assist him in the theft."

Kakoon says, "As for the actual theft, I'm afraid I arrived on the scene after Vagrance had absconded with the Dawn Rose. Squire Legaci was present to see the theft."

Myasara says, "Thank you High Legionnaire."

Kakoon says, speaking to Myasara, "With your permission I'd like to ask he speak with any further information he has."

Myasara says, "Of course."

Myasara asks, "Squire Legionnaire?"

Myasara smiles at Legaci.

Legaci respectfully greets, "Salutations your Grace, Argent Reflection."

Legaci says, "Some evenings ago a human traveling under the guise and name of Vagrance apprehended one of the most powerfully advanced vessels known to Elanthia."

Legaci disbelievingly continues, "Rumored, already among the people within the nations to perhaps even travel to places where no one has thought of going before, having the assistance of the Chronomage in her craftsmanship."

Legaci knowingly remarks, "This individual only appeared a handful of times, your Grace. At least a trio of events, I myself, can account for. The unveiling of the the Dawn Rose, her maiden voyage and conclusively her theft."

Murstyr shifts his weight.

Legaci serenely continues, "This human spattered much of the same nonsense, of the future, his brief visitation within the Fortress. Rumors, theories, gossip, all continue to center itself around these basic facts."

Legaci disbelievingly continues, "He spoke of foreseeing Ta'Vaalor and Ta'Illistim's within a flamed ruin, as an explosion would happen because of horrible oversight or lack of engineering capabilities."

Myasara frowns.

Legaci knowingly continues, "He pushed this point, three reported times of his visitation. A rouge, likely conjured to gain shrouded support and time to his cause, a cause still unknown to us, your Grace."

Legaci sadly continues, "It, also, cannot be confirmed weither he did or did not gain this support in this endeavor. At this time of the investigation, there are many details to keenly revisit before coming to a final conclusion."

Myasara says, "I feel we may know his cause.. or can assume."

Legaci reasonably continues, "Yet, something which was of note was his last actions appeared more in haste, than planned."

Legaci thoughtfully continues, "Only once, your Grace, of the three reported appearances did he mention an assassination, an elven queen of old, plot which had him exiled from one of the main human empires."

Legaci remarks, "Only once, your Grace, of the three reported appearances did he mention an assassination, an elven queen of old, plot which had him exiled from one of the main human empires."

Myasara asks, "An elven queen of old?"

Legaci nods slowly.

Legaci says, "Named after the old roads."

Legaci says, "Recently discovered between Old Ta'Faendryl and Ta'Vaalor."

Myasara says, "He would have to be very old to know one I fear..,"

Legaci agrees with Myasara.

Legaci says, speaking reasonably to Myasara, "' =continue Then, in question, the poison used. No matter the labeling of the method, the poison used was not native to this region. In fact, found only within the western regions, passed the bays of Solhaven."

Myasara frowns.

Legaci continues, "This theory, again your Grace, could be utterly wrong yet the facts keep centering around the previously made statements."

Legaci thoughtfully remarks, "Then lastly, there are some which believe the Dawn Rose a mere prize towards another empire's victory."

Legaci seriously continues, "An Heir, to one of their nobles, born and one to which one day will command an empire. The unveiling of the infant, to the public, has yet to take place."

Legaci continues, "I reiterate your Grace, the most powerfully crafted vessel to all known magic and combined with rumored Ta'Ashrim ship designs. Something this era would not be prepared for, despite new advancements and novel magic's."

Myasara says, "We know its importance."

Myasara says, "Thank you Squire."

Legaci nods slowly.

Myasara asks, "Was there anyone else present?"

Myasara says, "We wish first hand information."

Myasara smiles at Jynai.

Myasara asks, "Would you have anymore to add?"

Jynai softly says, "Everything the squire said is accurate to my memory."

Jynai softly says, "Your Grace."

Myasara says, "Thank you."

Myasara asks, "Was there another?"

Myasara nods at Zaelen.

Zaelen says, "I spoke with him personally your grace."

Zaelen says, "He tried to recruit me, to help him."

Myasara says, "As if one of our noble cousins would."

Zaelen says, "I am new to the Elven Nations, I am working on my citizenship in Vaalor."

Zaelen says, "I believe he thought me easily swayed."

Myasara says, "He would be calculating enough to approach one so young."

Myasara nods.

Myasara says, "He is intelligent, I will give him that..."

Zaelen says, "He spoke of an ignition key, told me where to find it."

Myasara asks, "This new machine used a key?"

Zaelen says, "Aye."

Myasara says, "Interesting, not the power of the mind.."

Zaelen says, "Only recently."

Myasara nods slowly.

Myasara says, "Thank you."

Zaelen says, "He said a rogue with my skills, it should be an easy task for me to sneak in and steal this key."

Myasara nods at Zarston.

Myasara nods at Zaelen.

Myasara says, "Ah."

Zaelen says, "Said he would pay me handsomely."

Myasara says, "He needed a thief.... I wonder..."

Myasara ponders.

Zaelen says, "I refused, as I am considering recruitment of the Legion, I thought something wrong with this person, and his intentions."

Zaelen bows to Myasara.

Myasara agrees with Zaelen.

Myasara says, "Excellent decision, I commend you."

Zaelen says, "Thank you My Grace."

Myasara says, "I think I saw someone else perhaps..."

Myasara glances at Lissaya.

Myasara asks, "Lady?"

Lissaya nods.

Myasara says, "You seem to have a look of knowledge."

Lissaya says, "I would have something else to add, Argent Mirror."

Myasara says, "Please do."

Myasara smiles at Lissaya.

(Lissaya approaches the bottom step of the rostrum and curtsies to the Argent Mirror.)

Lissaya says, speaking to Myasara, "So far, those gathered have only referred to him as human. I would note that he is of average height for his race, with blue eyes, and short silver hair. His face was rather lined for his age."

Lissaya says, "I would hope that the better description assists with locating the criminal."

Lissaya clears her throat.

Lissaya says, "That was all."

Lissaya takes a few steps back.

Myasara says, "Thank you, that was very observant and good information to have."

Myasara asks, "I have to wonder, if he took part in an assassination long ago... is there more to this ship than we understand?"

Myasara says, "For a human to have first hand information of such... or."

Myasara says, "Perhaps he was not who he seemed."

Myasara asks, "Had anyone thought that he was disguised by magic?"

Myasara asks, "Perhaps he is not really human at all?"

Limorten says, "With due respect, Mirror, He was asking questions about capabilities to the Chronomages at the opening flight..."

Legaci answers, speaking to Myasara, "I do not believe he is aware of the full potiental of the ship, Argent Reflection. And that, plays in our favor for now."

Limorten continues, "I dont think he was fully aware of what it could do himself."

Myasara asks, "Unless some magic was involved how could a human have seen an elven queen killed?"

Legaci says, "He used a small crystal ball."

Legaci says, "Carry it all three times that he appeared, your Grace."

Legaci says, "That is what he appeared to channel is sight through."

Myasara says, "It is not unknown our feelings for the west...."

Myasara says, "I dislike asking any of our people to travel in that place..."

Myasara frowns.

Aurach asks, speaking softly to Legaci, "Crystal ball, or sphere.... Legionaire?"

Legaci says, speaking to Aurach, "A small crystal sphere like ball."

Aurach narrows his eyes in concentration as he taps his pursed lips idly with one forefinger.

Archales says, "Perhaps he is merely a follower of Jastev, I have heard of a secretive group of grey mystics in the human empire."

Aurach removes a cracked crystal sphere from in his grey spidersilk satchel.

Aurach glances at Legaci.

Siierra glances at Aurach.

Myasara says, "Yes, so it would seem, except for the other tangents that cannot be explained."

Zaelen says, speaking to Myasara, "If I may, I'd like to suggest an idea, My Grace."

Myasara says, speaking to Zaelen, "Please do."

Zaelen says, speaking to Myasara, "Though it be unknown where he is, he did speak to me at length. I could possibly regain his trust, and by your spy. If he is located again."

Myasara says, "It would seem he can time travel if he was involved with that ancient assassination."

Myasara nods at Zaelen.

Aendir says, "Or at the very least, quite a bit older than he looks and most definitely not human - unless he's found a way to keep himself alive."

Myasara says, "Now to the point of this evening."

Myasara says, "We are to assist our cousins of the Fortress in their task of finding this ship."

Myasara says, "It would be preferrable that this Birch be brought to justice alive."

Aranthius asks, "Where would you like us to concentrate our efforts?"

Myasara says, "I wish to discuss some of his claims... I am sure the scholars would to."

Myasara asks, "What direction did the airship take when it was stolen?"

Ragz points up.

Myasara laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

Myasara says, "Well yes, up."

Legaci answers, "Towards the heart of the dragonspine, Your Grace."

Legaci says, "It did not moves as other ships, your grace."

Legaci snaps his fingers.

Legaci says, "As swiftly as you heard that sound of the snapping."

Legaci says, "And it is at its location."

You blink at Legaci.

Myasara says, "The king has asked for all to keep an eye out for this ship... we do not wish something so dangerous to be in our lands without studying it."

Archales asks, speaking absently to himself, "How does one catch an airship that is the fastest in history?"

You raise your hand.

Myasara nods to you.

You bow your head slightly to Myasara as you drop into a deep, respectful curtsy before her.

Myasara smiles.

You say, "Your Majesty."

You say, "What the Squire just said reminded me of something I almost saw yesterday. Right in the Shining City."

Myasara blinks.

Myasara says, "Please go on..."

You say, "'There were white flames in the air suddenly, and the very air seemed to wave, then it was all gone."

Legaci adds, speaking to you, "Like a residue."

You shrug at Legaci.

Myasara says, "So this new ship uses some sort of new magic..."

You say, "Nobody else seemed to notice, I asked around. I was over by the Lost Home. I thought it must just be something else."

Myasara says, "Thank you for that information."

Myasara says, "We shall give an official command."

Myasara says, "Take this down and make sure it is read aloud in the city."

Myasara nods at Aeriadrn.

Aeriadrn just opened a sapphire blue leather folio.

Aeriadrn removes a sharpened quill from in his blue leather folio.

Myasara says, "We command our people to report anything that may be associated with this ship theft."

Myasara says, "We command our people to report the location of this Birch, if seen."

Myasara says, "If he was present at the ancient assassination as he claims..."

Myasara says, "He most likely is not what he seems."

Myasara says, "All caution is to be taken."

Myasara says, "All information may be shared with out cousins of Ta'Vaalor."

Myasara says, "Also we will remind you."

Myasara says, "We trust our cousins completely."

Myasara says, "We feel no blame to anyone person, group, or House."

Myasara says, "We will put our mages and scholars to the search for such a figure mentioned in our ancient history."

Myasara says, "We also have to consider that this person is human and working for the Empire."

Myasara says, "There is much that we do not know."

Froggai asks, "Should we not also get more information about this airship, it's capabilities, that may lend some insight about it's theft?"

Myasara says, "From what I have been told, the chronomages kept much of that secret."

Legaci adopts an agreeable expression.

Myasara says, "And as we have seen, it is a new magic."

Myasara says, "Our artificers will be approached, as I do not believe they have ever heard of flying with a key."

Aurach raises his hand.

Myasara says, "We must keep our houses safe, and even the Empire if we must."

Myasara ponders.

Myasara says, "If anyone comes across information you may send a note to the Keep via Lord Aeriadrn."

Kakoon asks, speaking to Myasara, "Have the chronomages ever heard of Vagrance Birch?"

Myasara says, "I have not spoken to them, they have declined."

Myasara frowns.

Kakoon asks, speaking to Myasara, "If flying with a key is so knew and unheard of, how did Vagrance know about it?"

Aranthius says, "They fear the repercusions of this theft then."

Myasara says, "I have a feeling they were playing with magic they do not wish to share, and that makes me wary."

Myasara says, speaking to Kakoon, "I have no idea where they came by this technology."

Myasara says, "Our artificers are the masters of flying ships. They travel about the Nations training pilots."

Myasara says, "This is something... new."

Legaci says, speaking to Kakoon, "The Air Commander may have the keys which unlock the vessel full power. I remember the keys because they kept slapping across my neck as we carried him."

Myasara says, "Sounds almost gnomish."

Siierra says, speaking softly to Myasara, "Argent Mirror, perhaps a glance at the chronomages as well... there was some missive circulating before the ship was stolen I am told, claiming no on else had the strength and resolve to use and safe guard the ship."

Myasara says, "We planned to send Artificers to the Fortress to see this new ship."

Myasara says, "'so, we will need to be vigilant."

Myasara says, "I feel we have more questions than answers again."

Myasara says, "While the reason for this gathering was terrible.. I must say it feels good to be speaking to you again."

Myasara says, "We need more time for this... discussion, sharing of ideas and knowledge."

Myasara says, "Perhaps next time under better circumstances."

Myasara says, "I have a feeling there will be no next time if we do not find this ship... something in this mess rings untrue and I feel uneasy."

Myasara frowns.

Myasara says, "But I have confidence that something will come of this night."

Myasara says, "We are sending some scholars to the chronomages."

Myasara says, "We have several scholars here, and all your work will be welcome."

Myasara says, "Please report findings to Lord Aeriadrn."

Aeriadrn nods.

Myasara says, "If the need arises, we will meet again. Our cousin is dear to us, and we will not have the honor of his House questioned. We will support him as we can."

Myasara says, "Please feel free to stay and discuss."

Myasara stands up.

Myasara says, "Commander... an escort please.."

Murstyr bows to Myasara.

Myasara nods to those present.

Myasara holds out her hand.

Myasara grabs Murstyr's hand.

Myasara nods.

Lord Murstyr just went through a set of arched silver doors.