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Posts relating to armor in general. For specific posts about Armor Specialization, see Armor Specialization/saved posts.

HSN: Armor and Weapon Nouns Update

Category: General Gemstone IV Discussion
Topic: Items and Inventory
Message #: 1986
Author: GS4-WYROM
Date: 9/12/2015 11:23pm
Subject: HSN: Armor and Weapon Nouns Update

Here is a complete list of nouns that can be used for armor by AsG. We've also added some more weapon nouns to our arsenal! Enjoy!


Here is a list of approved armor nouns.

AsG Nouns
Cloth Armor
2 very flexible with new revisions.
Soft Leather
All leather, leathers, [leather/hide/skin] armor, (leather/hide/skin]) hunts
5 light leather, light leathers, buffcoat, casting leather, casting leathers, jack, leather cyclas, leather jerkin, leather shirt, leather tunic, leather vest,
6 full leather, full leathers, arming doublet, buffcoat, casting leather, casting leathers, leather shirt, leather pourpoint
7 reinforced leather, reinforced leathers, aketon, arming coat, arming doublet, gambeson, quilted leather
8 double leather, double leathers, aketon, arming coat, gambeson, bodysuit
Rigid Leather
All armor
9 leather breastplate, breastplate, brigandine shirt, corslet, cuirass, jack, jerkin, lamellar shirt, scale, scalemail, tunic
10 cuirboulli, cuirboulli leather, cuirboulli leathers, brigandine shirt, cuirass, jerkin, lamellar corslet, lamellar shirt, leather corslet, scale, scalemail, tunic
11 studded leather, studded leathers, splint leather, splinted leather, lamellar leather
12 brigandine, brigandine armor, brigandine leather, banded armor, coat-of-plates, jack-of-plates, kyuak, laminar armor, lamellar armor, scalemail, splint armor, splinted armor, splint mail, splinted mail
Chain Armor
All chain, chainmail, chain armor, mail, ringmail
13 chainmail, byrnie, chain corslet, chain shirt, chain tunic
14 double chain, double chainmail, chain corslet, chain shirt, chain tunic, haubergeon, jazerant
15 augmented chain, augmented chainmail, haubergeon, jazerant
16 chain hauberk, jazerant hauberk, hauberk
Plate Armor
All plate armor
17 metal breastplate, breastplate, cuirass, disc armor, [reflective metal] mirror armor, plate corslet
18 augmented breastplate, breastplate, coracia, cuirass, platemail, plate corslet
19 half plate, half-plate, plate, platemail
20 full plate, full platemail, field plate, field platemail, plate, platemail
Armor nouns tend to also see more nouns added over time, so this list is not final.


Here are some added nouns to several weapon profiles.

Weapon Nouns
Awl-pike breach pike, ahlspiess
Bola bolas, boleadoras, weighted-cord
Dagger sidearm-of-Onar
Discus throwing disc, [metal] disc
Falchion kiss-of-Ivas
Fist-scythe hand-hook, hook, hook-claw
Flamberge reaver, wave-bladed sword, sword-of-Phoen
Flail spiked-staff
Hammer-of-Kai spiked-hammer, longhammer
Handaxe logging axe, splitting axe, double-bit axe, ono, tomahawk
Javelin nage-yari
Jeddart-axe poleaxe
Katar kunai, slasher
Knuckle-duster [metal] knuckles
Leather Whip whip, training whip, slaver's whip, single-tail whip, signal whip
Longsword tachi
Main Gauche shield-sword, sword-breaker
Mattock pickaxe
Military Pick mining pick
Naginata swordstaff, bladestaff
Pilum shield-breaker, shield-sunderer
Quarterstaff walking staff, warstaff
Quoit bladed-ring, bladed-disc, bladed wheel, war-quoit, battle-quoit
Runestaff walking stick, sceptre-of-Lumnis, scepter-of-Lumnis
Scimitar Charl's-tail
Short Sword Backslasher, Niima's-embrace
Spear yari
Tiger-claw thrak-bite, barbed claw
Troll-claw wight-claw, bladed claw

~Wyrom, APM

Over Training in Armor Use

Category: Hunting and Combat
Topic: All About Armor
Message #: 2868
Author: GS4-COASE
Date: 4/2/2009 12:25:22 AM
Subject: New Armor System Released!

In addition the Armor Specialization List, we have implemented an additional benefit to continuing to train in the Armor Use skill: For every 50 ranks of Armor Use that a player has above the minimum ranks need to train away the RT adder for their armor, their armor's Action Penalty will be reduced by (Armor Group - 1), a maximum reduction of 50% of the original action penalty.

For example, an augmented breastplate requires 90 ranks of Armor Use to train away its RT adder. It has an Armor Group (AG) value of 5 (skin = AG 0, robes = AG 1, soft leather = AG 2, hard leather/scale = AG 3, chain = AG 4, plate = AG 5). Its base action penalty is 25. So, if it is worn by a player with 140 ranks of Armor Use, the action penalty will drop to 21, to 17 at 190 ranks, and to a minimum value of 13 at 240 ranks.

This benefit is available to all professions.


Armor Action Penalty

Category: Hunting and Combat
Topic: Pinefar Hunting Areas
Message #: 4610
Author: GS4-COASE
Date: 11/29/2009 3:38:26 PM
Subject: Re: Ayep.

The Armor Action Penalty is a relatively significant factor. For a character exactly trained for full plate at cap, it contributes a penalty a little bit above the difference between 1x and 2x PF. Overtraining in armor to reduce the action penalty and/or using Armored evasion can reduce the maneuver penalty by a fairly significant amount, however.


Category: Rogues
Topic: So You Want to be a Rogue?
Message #: 977
Author: GS4-IXIX
Date: 07/31/2015 06:21 PM EDT
Subject: Re: Armor skills inquiries

I do vaguely recall that but I can't find the specific post to see if I was actually right or not (gee that's helpful, eh?). So let's ignore that and just go with this:

Armored evasion adjusts your Action Penalty for more than just your DS. Other things that consider include (but are not necessarily limited to in case I'm missing something) Spikethorn, Quake, Roa'ter Burrows, SMRs, Boil Earth, Lava Golem blob attacks, and Minotaur Charges.


Category: Rogues
Topic: So You Want to be a Rogue?
Message #: 980
Author: GS4-IXIX
Date: 07/31/2015 10:48 PM EDT
Subject: Re: Armor skills inquiries

<<Ixix, Thank you for confirming that Armored evasion is useful for dodging maneuvers. Maybe that means people will take us rogues up on offering Armored Evasion. Is there any way you could confirm how the formula works? I would prefer not to train in Armored evasion if it doesn't give me any benefit for wearing brig.>>

The formula on the wiki is correct: (Armored Evasion Ranks * (7 - (Armor Group)) / 2), the only other catch that I see is that the reduction can't take you below an AP of 0.

It works as a direct reduction of your Action Penalty (for those things that take it into account that I mentioned earlier). Taking brigandine for example - you have a base AP of 12. Your Armor Group is 3 - with say, 3 ranks, you'd get a (3 * (7 - 3) / 2) reduction for a total of 6, reducing your AP to 6. If you were in Metal Breastplate, AG 5, you'd get (3 * (7 - 5) / 2) for a total of 3 reduction (from 20 to 17 in that instance).

That Action Penalty value then goes on to factor into those various things in different ways, but the closer your AP is to 0, the better.

The wiki lists APs as a negative value, these examples are just using the absolute value in case anybody is confused by that.


SimuCon 2008

Category: Rogues
Topic: Developer's Corner - Rogues
Message #: 2682
Date: 8/11/2008 3:04:27 PM
Subject: Re: why aren't rogues getting any love?

For those of you who weren't at SimuCon, there is going to be a change to Armor in the future to where there will be a benefit to over training.

In so far as the change goes, Ildran said that they were looking to focus more on the agility of Rogues, in that over training in armor would allow one to "roll with the punches" more... which equated to damage and crit reduction, if I remember right.

But, before someone starts screaming about how they don't want to spend TPs and over train in armor for these bonuses...

Ildran also said that the armor ranks that you have (read; Train in 30 ranks for brig and stop) will count towards these new mechanics. You will still see these benefits, but at an extremely reduced rate (compared to someone wearing brig with, say... 130 ranks of armor).

Warriors, of course, will have more benefits/options, as Armor is more of a "core skill" for them.

Thus, this potentially falls under the "Rogue love" category.

~Eugenides, The Legend