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The Artist's Easel was first sold at A Moment in Time in Bloodriven Village during the April, 2017, Duskruin Arena run. Originally sold off the shelf for 1k bloodscrip for a T0 easel or 10k bloodscrip for a T1 easel it allows a character to paint various objects, scenes, or people. Different random paintings can be made based off of the character's skill level, which increases through continued practice. The random paintings' complexity increases with each skill rank.

Upon mastering the painting skill, a Master Painter can use a T1 easel to paint another character using one of several pre-written styles. A Master Painter can also use a T2 easel to paint anything within the limits of a 512 character description.

Canvases must be used on the easel for each painting. A single easel can store up to 40 canvases at any given time. Boxes for making canvases out of foraged non-broken twigs (such as slender twigs or oak twigs) were also sold at the same event for 5k bloodscrip. In addition, stacks of canvases were sold separately.


You analyze your black wooden easel and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions, but the creator has stated that "The item has restrictions on changing the noun."

The creator has also provided the following information:

This item can be freely altered, but it must remain an "easel".  Long descriptions are okay; no shows.  It may not be lightened/deepened.  Current verbs:  ATTEND, CLEAN, CLOSE, HUG, NUDGE, OPEN, PONDER, PULL, RUB, and TURN (player).

If you are holding a suitable paintbrush, you can PAINT EASEL to paint pictures!  As you paint more pictures, your skill will progress, and you will create more elaborate paintings.  Your easel must be on the ground in order to paint.

If you progress far enough in your painting skill, and you have an unlocked easel, you can:

 Tier 1: paint a portrait of another person using pre-written styles.
 Tier 2: design your own custom paintings.  (Please note that this tier will be rare.)

HUG the black wooden easel to view the syntax for special Master Painter commands.

The easel is currently Tier 1.  (0|1|2)

Additional HUG Info

For Master Painters (those who have achieved top skill in painting), you can paint special paintings with your black wooden easel!  The following outlines the appropriate syntax and required tiers.

TURN EASEL TO <target>
Once your model has accepted your offer, you can then:
PAINT EASEL ; <style> (NOTE: the space before and after the ";" is required.)
Once your style has been set, you can just PAINT EASEL to continue.

PAINT A CUSTOM PAINTING (available at Tier 2)
TURN EASEL TO CUSTOM - Yes, it's true.  Paint your own designs!
Once you have set up the custom painting, you will then:
PAINT EASEL ; CUSTOM [all of your text here] | [painting title here]
Note: The "[" and "]" should not be included, but the "|" (pipe symbol) should.  Descriptions are limited to 512 characters.  Titles are limited to 30 characters.  The space before and after the ";" is required.  Inappropriate words will be flagged.

Canvas Box Analyze

You analyze your white birch box and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

This white birch box can create sheets of canvas from non-broken foraged twigs, and are to be used with the Artist's Easel sold originally in Bloodriven Village at Duskruin Arena.

Alterations to the box are fine provided the item remains some kind of lidded container
Current verbs: CLOSE, DROP (twig in box), LOOK, OPEN, and SHAKE.

Try as you might, you cannot get a good sense of whether or not the box's pockets could get any deeper, but you can tell that the box is as light as it can get.

Verb Traps

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