Beyond the Arkati - 2011-03-05 - A Mayor Rescued (log)

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On Feastday evening, the 5th of Charlatos, Khylon Oakspear, the Marshal of Wehnimer's Landing rallied some heroes on the steps of Hearthstone Manor. The heroes charged through the red portals into Mestanir on a rescue mission to find and save Mayor Walkar Wellington.

Demons, golems and gargoyles littered the streets, but the heroes were joined both by Mestanir knights and mercenaries and militiaman from Wehnimer's as they fought to gain ground. Many times they had to pull back to raise the dead or heal the wounded, but after finally felling many a demon and dodging red lightning from the sky, the streets became temporarily cleared.

Mayor Walkar came out of hiding and the defenders were quick to his aid as they fought back to the portal and the safety of the Upper Trollfang, but they suffered many causalities along the way.

Hours later, well after midnight, Mayor Walkar made a public statement about the recent events.

"Before my enemies outside our walls, or within our walls, have a chance to mar my name, I wish to set the record clear. Foremost I want to thank the two dozen of our own citizens and defenders who embarked upon a valiant rescue mission to ensure my safe return. You have renewed my spirit and reminded me why we fight both on fields and in politics."

"The claims of my illness were a lie, for in truth I underwent a silent excursion into Mestanir, with a band of hired mercenaries to follow up on information that might have provided details about the leader of these summoners, who have waged war on us and many other sovereignties. It would appear as though the recent attacks in Mestanir and Upper Trollfang can only mean I was close, but the invasion occurred before I could prove anything for certain."

"So I stand with all of you now as we have before. We will face our enemies in the wilds of the Trollfang, or in the streets of Mestanir, and we will not suffer them any longer. I will carry on the town council's pledge of support and able fighters to Mestanir. To Baron Chydenar, we will remain ever your ally and fight alongside your people, knowing that the present has no place for sins of the past. Soon we will climb to the top of a pile of granite and mein, and see only red-robed corpses and know we are victorious."


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