Khylon Oakspear

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You see Khylon Oakspear the Guard Captain of Wehnimer's Landing.
He appears to be a Dwarf of the Mordrakam Clan.
He is stout and appears to be past his prime.  He has large steel grey eyes and bronze skin.  He has long, thick deep red hair worn in intricate onyx braids.  He has a square-jawed face, a broken nose and thick burly arms.  He has a long kempt deep red beard set with tiny onyx axe-shaped clips.  He has a missing eye and some missing fingers.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a battered orc hide helm ornamented with chipped troll tusks, some blackened steel prayerbeads, a pair of dark mithril bracers, a dented mithril tower shield, a crisp militia uniform, a large sack, an old tattered pouch, a oiled leather pack, a mithril-bound orc hide scabbard, a large sack, a mithril alloy mesh kilt, and a pair of scuffed black boots.


Khylon Oakspear is the dwarven town marshal of Wehnimer's Landing. He was originally brought to the town by Walkar, having been an old contact of his during his time in Jantalar. Khylon is the leader of a mercenary group and has on occasion provided Mayor Walkar with some extra support in protecting the town. After Grishom's minions slaughtered many of the town's council members, Walkar appointed Khylon as a trusted councilman to help oversee the town's militia and their training. In 5112, Khylon was kidnapped by the Brotherhood of Rooks and held for ransom in return for the release of Drangell from the town's prison. After suffering over a month of torture and interrogation, Khylon was rescued by Landing Heroes and is said to be recovering from his captivity.


January 2016

Khylon has spent the last two years under the care of town healers as he was set upon by a curse from the witch Raznel that left him almost completely paralyzed and diseased. In recent months he has shown positive signs of recovering, and has even began walking small distances. When asked if he would like to return to his former position of Town Marshal, he said it was far too soon to tell, and his main focus was fighting off the cursed witch's magic.

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