Blood Son - 5120-06-29 - Getting Summer Information (log)

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Lumnea 29-30, 5120

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • A ship glides toward Wehnimer's Landing on the summer winds, slowly revealing a flag of Torre. A half-elven dockworker named Adam approaches to see the arrival, explaining that it's shipments and his sister-in-law. Town militia inspect the ship upon arrival while Adam continues explaining that she's been ill since the krolvin smoke (released by Kragnack as he was dying).
  • A woman with thinning hair and a neck and face covered in lumps emerges, asking Adam if "he" is here. Adam says he hasn't yet, but word has come that he'll be here by week's end. Who is "he"? The Blood Son. She's led away, saying he has to come soon and is her only chance.
  • With her gone, Adam explains that the Blood Son is said to be a great healer who appeared on the outskirts of the Bleaklands, bringing restoration and enlightenment. He believes the stories are overblown, but dodesn't know anything further about the Blood Son. He knows his sister-in-law regards the Blood Son as her last hope and says he'll play to that anyway, making her comfortable in her final days.
  • As the gathered group discusses the possibility of contagion, most come down on the side that she likely isn't contagious since Adam wasn't concerned about housing her and since the mists were released a year and a half ago with no rumors or signs of it being contagious nor an Imperial quarantine. Nonetheless, a man soon comes staggering by with a red face, clutching at his stomach... and pukes into the ocean, saying Helga's stew was lacking tonight!


Approaching Ship

[Town Square Central]

This is the heart of the main square of Wehnimer's Landing. The impromptu shops of the bazaar are clustered around this central gathering place, where townsfolk, travellers, and adventurers meet to talk, conspire or raise expeditions to the far-flung reaches of Elanith. At the north end, an old well, with moss-covered stones and a craggy roof, is shaded from the moonlight by a strong, robust tree. The oak is tall and straight, and it is apparent that the roots run deep. You also see the Rendena disk, a small black fox with a white masked face, a large acorn, the Sonnillon disk, the translucent Moglan disk, an ember-eyed fire wyrdling, the Balley disk, the Chandrellia disk, a blue wolf, the Mogui disk, a pale-faced coppery barn owl, the Sevendust disk, a varnished pale oak cart with some stuff on it, an herbal remedy donation bin and some stone benches with some stuff on it.

Also here: Lord Braydan, High Lord Kroviec, Lady Alisette, Zurya, Small Game Huntress Rendena, High Lord Layndin, Shaqyra who is sitting, Zoaklhaer, Cynnathra, Kippe, Tellowynne, Gnuckle who is sitting, Great Lady Isophenee, Mayor Leafiara, Great Lord Draphik, Sonnillon, Prendoss who is sitting, Perphect who is sitting, Falvicar, Great Lord Moglan, Hapenlok, Felita, Lady in Waiting Chandrellia, Bernadette, Gypsy Scribe Balley, Pukk, Guarrin, Sir Cryheart, Great Lord Mogui, Zaneon, Sevendust Obvious paths: northeast, east, southeast, southwest, west, northwest

The sky begins to fill with huge clouds, dark and grey on the bottom, pale and white atop, their puffy crowns ascending toward the heavens.

Leafiara musingly says, "Hm."

Speaking to Guarrin, Kippe says, "Smells like rain."

Thunder rumbles in the distance as a warm breeze rolls in from Darkstone Bay.

Pukk exclaims, "Aha!"

Speaking to Kippe, Guarrin admits, "Good call."

Pukk recites:

"Join Cryheart!"

Leafiara musingly says, "Mmm, summer warmth."

Pukk recites:

"If you already haven't that is!"

Dwi heartily asks, "Storm a brewin?"

Speaking to Dwi, Leafiara exclaims, "Already here!"

Speaking to Dwi, Pukk says, "Join Sir Molasses."

Dwi heartily says, "Oh."

Speaking to Zolis, Madmountan says, "Yes, I'm alive."

Pukk says, "Join Sir Molasses."

Speaking deeply to Madmountan, Zolis says, "Sometimes I wonder."

Madmountan says, "Me too."

Shinann looks thoughtfully at Madmountan.

Rendena softly asks, "Should I join?"

Speaking deeply to Madmountan, Zolis says, "Good to see you've taken up a new hobby."

Speaking amusedly to Rendena, Leafiara says, "Cryheart, of course."

Speaking to Shinann, Madmountan says, "I don't mean I'm undead or anything. I'm not Cruxophim."

Delyorik says, "I'd join, but I'll end up in the Rift anyway... it'd be a waste of mana."

Speaking to Madmountan, Shinann says, "I see that."

Deep in the shadows, you think you see movement: something like a thousand snakes all swarming around each other. By the time you've focused to get a closer look, they are gone.

Cruxophim suddenly fades into view.

Cruxophim recites:


Speaking to Cruxophim, Madmountan says, "SPeak of the devil."

Berkana says, "Floor pastries."

Viva asks, "Mmm donuts, got any chocolate ones?"

Speaking deeply to Berkana, Zolis says, "Five second rule."

The outline of a ship rises up over a wave crest of the bay, its dark frame gliding smoothly along the waters as it approaches the sea gate of Wehnimer's Landing.

Madmountan says, "Wonderful."

Leafiara musingly says, "Summer visitors."

Berkana says, "More ships! Swimming tonight."

Leafiara jests, "Man the pylons!"

Leafiara hurriedly adds, "That's probably a joke."

Speaking to Leafiara, Pukk exclaims, "Good idea! Let's blast em!"

Hapenlok says, "Brave choice, coming into the 'Bay."

Leafiara emphasizes, "Probably."

Cryheart says, "Moving."

Hapenlok says, "The seas have been a bit ....rougher than usual."

Pukk recites:

"Down with that ship!"


[Wehnimer's, North Dock]

The dock's planks are dull and weathered from the salt spray of many seasons. Northward beyond the massive sea gates, a flock of ice geese passes, silhouetted against the sky over the waters of Darkstone Bay. The hulk of a derelict coastal sailer is tethered to the end of the pier. You also see an elegant riverboat with a gaily beribboned mahogany gangplank, some stacked piles of supplies, some huge wooden crates, a stack of empty crates, the murky waters of Darkstone Bay and a black imperial wagon with a glowing blue-white pylon on it.

Speaking to Cryheart, Pukk exclaims, "'re walking faster!"

Speaking to Leafiara, Pukk says, "I'm scared."

Faerinn says, "Albatross has returned."

Cryheart says, "Sea gate...could be outside of the town."

Speaking heartily to Pukk, Dwi says, "Be strong."

Cryheart says, "We shall see."

Speaking to Dwi, Pukk says, "It was like he was a golem in Cryheart skin."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Pukk asks, "I think Cryheart is actually a golem....can you eat him and tell us if it is actually him?"

Speaking amusedly to Pukk, Cruxophim whispers aloud, "I don't think he would... agree with my digestion."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Hapenlok asks, "Have I cleansed you with holy water lately?"

Dwi accepts Cruxophim's blood pudding donut.

Dwi heartily exclaims, "Tanks!"

Hapenlok says, "... I think you're overdue."

Leafara says, "Maybe soon its flag will come into view."

Hapenlok says, "Actually, I sold that scroll to Walsor, never mind."

Lylia says, "Once the flag comes into view, Xorus can tell us whose it is three times, and when we do not listen, he can say 'North Hendor' and have us all nod sagely at this."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Melikor says, "Don't mind him, he's with me."

Lylia adds, "As is custom."

Speaking to a caped figure, Faerinn says, "Welcome to the Landing."

Xorus says, "As is done."

Speaking to Lylia, Pukk says, "Good plan."

Speaking to a caped figure, Pukk says, "You look a little skinny."

Speaking to Lylia, Hapenlok says, "They usually take the overland route, though."

Alisette pets a tiny pocket mouse, which nuzzles her hand softly.

A tiny pocket mouse says, "Hey babe."

Speaking to Pukk, Melikor says, "He doesn't eat much."

Speaking to Lylia, Hapenlok says, "Nice joke, though."

Speaking to a tiny pocket mouse, Alisette asks, "How is my beau doing?"

A lone ship glides closer in the direction of the town's north dock and the banner of a white stork on a field of blue can be seen, lightly flapping against the summer winds of the bay.

A tiny pocket mouse says, "Better now."

Lylia deadpans, "I never joke."

Guarrin says, "Oh that's interesting."

The voice of Raelee says, "...Torre."

Pukk exclaims, "White Stork...that means it is imps!"

Hapenlok asks, "Torren?"

A tiny pocket mouse says, "Smoochy smoochy face."

Hapenlok removes a simple stork-emblazoned militia tabard that was over his heavy leather jerkin.

Speaking to Pukk, Leafiara says, "Well, you're not wrong, but..."

Morofinwe: "Is that friend or foe?"

Hapenlok put a simple stork-emblazoned militia tabard in his dark leather cape.

Cryheart says, "County of Torre."

Someone in the crowd shouts, "Quick! Hide Hapenlok! Har har har!"

Speaking to Leafiara, Pukk exclaims, "It's even worse than we has to do with babies!"

Cruxophim strides over to stand before Hapenlok.

Felita says, "Storks me bebbehs."

Pukk exclaims, "Oh we are dead!"

Hapenlok says, "I've got nothing to hide from."

Alisette says, "Oh my."

Faerinn says, "Make him more visible."

Dwi heartily says, "Quick git unner dis rock."

Speaking to Pukk, Lylia says, "The horror."

Speaking casually to Hapenlok, Cruxophim offers, "Just stand behind me."

Hapenlok says, "I'm pardoned, if you remmeber."

Shinann asks, "Maybe it is... hmm... what was the half-krolvin's name?"

Speaking wryly to Hapenlok, Leafiara says, "...right."

Speaking slowly to Hapenlok, Cruxophim states, "...under. Whatever."

Speaking to Shinann, Leafiara says, "Falzcrow."

Thrassus: "Depends on your point of view I suppose."

Bbee asks, "Anyone want a pill or three?"

Prendoss raspily says, "What's going on here tonight."

Speaking to Shinann, Leafiara muses, "Well, it's true he last departed for River's Rest..."

Hapenlok: "...I'll say for the moment? a neutral party."

Shinann says, "Maybe not."

Prendoss raspily asks, "Not been in these parts in a while. Anyone care to clue me in?"

Speaking softly to Prendoss, Chandrellia says, "Ship coming into the docks it seems."

Speaking to Prendoss, Leafiara says, "You know as much as we do at this point, that it's flying the flag of Torre."

Morofinwe: "Okay, good. Blades still not drawn for now then."

Speaking to Prendoss, Shinann says, "We do not know who is on the ship."

Hapenlok: "But we've had Krol come flying off ships flying that flag before."

Speaking to Roelon, Berkana says, "Such a tease."

Hapenlok: "So be cautious."

Cryheart says, "From the County of Torre."

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "Wotsh all da fush."

Felita says, "Thems storks is bringin bebbehs."

Prendoss raspily says, "Now we wait, then."

Leafiara: "Hopefully they haven't already recovered enough to be raiding again, but time will tell."

Morofinwe: "That is why I asked. Wondered if we were expecting company."

Roelon deeply asks, "So, dinnae know if friend or foe yet?"

Prendoss raspily says, "This spyglass tells me I have no idea what's about to happen."

Chandrellia softly says, "Oh great I'm out of pills."

Leafiara cautiously says, "Be ready for most anything, as ever."

Bbee asks, "What's this??"

Dwi heartily asks, "Da flag gots skulls onnit?"

Dwi heartily says, "Skulls is bad onna flag."

Hapenlok says, "Don't kill on sight, but I'll remind you all of a few years ago, when Krolvin sailed into this dock on a ship flying the Torren Flag."

Prendoss raspily says, "Unless they's happy skulls."


A half-elven dockworker steps out from the crowd, edging towards the end of the docks and rolling up his sleeves. He pauses and lights a thin cigar, puffing ever so lightly.

Chandrellia softly says, "Well if it's a stork maybe they have come to give babies to the mama that lost them in the last invasion."

Speaking curiously to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Leafiara asks, "Expected company?"

The half-elven dockworker says, "Aye. But not all of you."

The dockworker chuckles.

Hapenlok says, "Last to know, as always."

Bbee asks, "Anyone want a pill or three?"

Hapenlok says, "Typical."

Alisette says, "I will take one, Bbee."

Speaking softly to Bbee, Chandrellia says, "Now would be a great time please."

The dockworker says, "It's just some shipments, and if my silvers paid off, my sister."

Speaking to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Leafiara assures, "It's been too quiet around here ever since we rid ourselves of the Vlashandra problem, so we had nothing better to do than come gather here."

Cryheart asks, "Aye?"

Roelon deeply asks, "Oh?"

Prendoss raspily says, "Thank you friend."

Speaking to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Leafiara asks, "Ahh, a welcoming home?"

The half-elven dockworker says, "Well, my wife's sister. Close to the same."

Speaking to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Shinann asks, "What sort of shipments?"

Speaking to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Faerinn says, "Oh, so we're a welcoming party."

Dwi heartily asks, "Dey still shippin wimmin inna barrels?"

Prendoss raspily asks, "Anyone got a welcome gift?"

The half-elven dockworker says, "I'm not sure Captain Shinann."

Speaking to Pukk, Guarrin says, "Hear that? It is a party after all."

Pukk says, "They know Shinann...."

Eliaku asks, "Captain shinannagans?"

Pukk says, "Suspicious."

Speaking amusedly to Pukk, Leafiara says, "It's a little hard not to know our militia captains."

A long grey Torren ship glides up to the docks.

Speaking to Leafiara, Pukk says, "Crewmen from a ship know of her...hmmmmm."

Pukk says, "Suspicious."

Bbee asks, "Anyone else want a pill or three?"

Xorus says, "This rain is truly torrential."

Speaking drunkenly to Bbee, Gutstorm says, "Me only take me drugs in likwid form."

Speaking to himself, Guarrin mutters, "Perhaps they'll have some winterberry ale."

The half-elven dockworker puffs on his cigar, pursing his lips as two rings float up into the night and dissipate.

Speaking quietly to a sable tiger, Morofinwe says, "No eating the kitten, Keeshah."

Speaking heartily to Gutstorm, Dwi says, "Ye ate ten pounds o' rumballs at da thrakmas party."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Madmountan says, "Tobacco is contagious."

Speaking curiously to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Leafiara says, "You don't mind us here, do you? I know we can be a, uh... inquisitive bunch."

Some town militia arrive, nod to Shinann, and they board the imperial ship where they are met by some crew and led below deck.

Speaking to Leafiara, Calael asks, "Does he make good conversation?"

Speaking heartily to Chamorr, Dwi asks, "So...we still dont trust imps rite?"

The half-elven dockworker says, "I don't mind. I am sure she would love to see some smiling faces. She has not been well."

Speaking to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Faerinn asks, "What's been the matter?"

Speaking to her river rat, Paiyot asks, "Steve, you had nothing to do with that right?"

Cryheart says, "Sorry to hear that."

Cryheart says, "Hope she recovers quickly."

Morofinwe quietly says, "Rain."

The half-elven dockworker says, "She's been ill for awhile. Since the krolvin smoke hit."

Leafiara affably says, "We're nothing if not welcoming. Hopefully she'll recover better on land."

Xorus says, "Ah, yes."

Cryheart asks, "Krolvin smoke?"

Leafiara slowly says, "Oh... that's been quite a while, then."

Speaking quietly to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Myasarie says, "Sorry to hear that Sir."

Speaking curiously to Leafiara, Chandrellia asks, "Who, is on that ship?"

Speaking to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Faerinn asks, "Krovlin smoke?"

Pietra whispers something to Leafiara.

Thrassus says, "Ah, that."

Lylia murmurs, "That is a pity."

Alisette curiously asks, "Krolvin smoke?"

Speaking to Leafiara, Paiyot says, "On land and in a dry warm place."

Alisette asks, "What is that?"

Prendoss raspily says, "Curiouser and curiouser."

Falvicar whispers something to Alisette.

Leafiara explains, "The green mist released from the pillars on Glaoveln and apparently along the coastlines of our mainland."

Thrassus says, "A krolvin warlord lashing out in spite at his demise."

Leafiara says, "Right, Kragnack's final spite before his death rattle."

The militia emerge on the deck of the ship, talk amongst some of the vessel's crew, then depart, heading off the ship and nodding to Captain Shinann before they walk off.

Leafiara says, "Looks like we're all clear."

The half-elven dockworker looks up at the ship then drops his thin cigar to the ground, smushing it with his boot.

Madmountan exclaims, "Supposed to smoke that thing to the nub!"

Speaking to Eliaku, Erienne says, "I drank way too much last night."

A moment later, some crew begin to unload crates and chests from the ship, setting about their business while only a few cast some curious glances at the large crowd gathered at the docks.

Chandrellia softly says, "Yeah stop litering our streets."

Balley softly says, "Hope no heads shoot out of those crates."

Balley softly says, "It has happened before."

Shinann says, "It was already checked."

Speaking lightly to Balley, Leafiara jests, "Going to scry for us to find out?"

Balley softly says, "I can."

Madmountan says, "I hope it's a bunch of creepy baby dolls, hell bent on destroying us."

Prendoss raspily says, "First it's orcs. Then it's the rain. I'm going to catch my death out here."

Faerinn says, "It's like we so rarely get visitors. Or maybe it's the time of day."

Balley softly says, "But I think we will know sooner than later."

Ukkar says, "I'm havin' strong deja vu right now... this dock, this storm maybe.."

Paiyot asks, "Who are these people?"

Dhuul says, "I hope it's not more adventurers."

Cryheart says, "From the County of Torre."

Speaking agreeably to Faerinn, Leafiara confesses, "Yeah, sometimes we can be a bit much when we run out of other things to do."

Bbee asks, "Let's kill em and ask later?"

Hope in the Blood Son

Finally, two men appear upon the deck and are seen to be escorting a human woman, her hair thinning but still long and the color of chestnuts. Her eyes blink more often than perhaps normal, but they still hold a soft baby blue shade. Her hand twitches as it clutches the arm of one of the escorts, and strange lumps seem to cover half of her neck and face like a pattern of hardened boils.

Pukk says, "She's a pretty one for sure."

Xorus whispers something to Lylia.

Asben whispers something to Alisette.

Chamorr heartily says, "Quarantine this woman."

Thrassus asks, "Hrm, it inflicts disease on survivors does it?"

Speaking to Chandrellia, Paiyot asks, "Is there anything you can do for her?"

Hapenlok says, "No, this woman needs to give you a hug, Chamorr."

Morofinwe quietly says, "I don't think she should be touching anyone."

Speaking to Chamorr, Leafiarar muses, "I was thinking more in the lines of offer our best healers who volunteer, but..."

The brown-haired human woman is slowly escorted off of the ship. Her eyes brighten when she sees the dockworker. "Adam..." Her voice is raspy, " he here? Has he come?"

Faerinn says, "Fortunately we have a glut of healers here with time on their hands."

Chamorr heartily says, "Make her wear a mask."

The two escorts shrug and leave the woman's side, returning to their work upon the ship.

Speaking softly to Paiyot, Chandrellia says, "I am not sure yet, until I or the other healers know who she is and what her intentions are, we will wait for the all clear from our Captain and Mayor before proceeding."

Prendoss raspily asks, "Will this suffice?"

Dhuul says, "Adam. Nope, never herad of 'em."

The half-elven dockworker says, "Healers have not worked."

Speaking to a brown-haired human woman, Faerinn asks, "Is that not Adam?"

Dwi heartily asks, "Da lady's meetin her son er sumpthin?"

The human woman rasps, "Not yet. But is he here, is he here yet?"

Eliaku asks, "When has a healer ever worked?"

Speaking cautiously to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Leafiara says, "Well, yes, but we have different healers here than they do in Torre, most likely."

Speaking quietly to Leafiara, Myasarie asks, "But?"

Speaking softly to Eliaku, Chandrellia says, "About as much as you."

The half-elven dockworker says, "No. He has not yet arrived."

Bbee asks, "Adam?"

Speaking amiably to a brown-haired human woman, Leafiara says, "In any case, welcome.. home? Or for a visit."

Prendoss sneezes, trying vainly to keep from spraying you.

Balley softly says, "Was he on a different ship? Or did he come by land."

Felita says, "Blesshoo."

The human woman's spirit seems to dim, her eyes fading just a bit more. "When...when does he come? What..what if I do not make it?" She coughs, her throat rattling.

Lylia whispers something to Xorus.

Speaking heartily to Gutstorm, Dwi says, "Ne'er dis many folks onna welcomin committee when we gits offa boat."

Prendoss raspily says, "This weather can't be good for any of us."

A black fox hops up and down playfully at the luck spirit, a small yap escaping his snout.

Cryheart asks, "Who is Adam, may I ask?"

Speaking to a brown-haired human woman, Dhuul says, "We can raise you, it's okay."

Chandrellia softly asks, "Was he arriving by boat or by saddle?"

Speaking to a small black fox with a white masked face, Eliaku asks, "Over rated?"

The dockworker says, "I am Adam."

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "Hi Adam."

Cryheart says, "Ahhh."

Ukkar says, "He's Adam, obviously."

Speaking to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Pietra asks, "So why aren't you... greeting this woman who's looking for you?"

Speaking curiously to a brown-haired human woman, Leafiara says, "Who are you looking for? Maybe someone else here knows this person."

Dhuul says, "Do ya need a name to lug cargo? I spose its useful."

Speaking quietly to Gutstorm, Dwi says, "Tho ..dat one time in fish town...was lotta folks chasin us onna da boat."

The half-elven dockworker says, "Word has come south, that he comes by week's end."

Bbee asks, "Can you prove it?"

Cryheart asks, "Whom is she expecting, Adam?"

The human woman looks to Leafiara, her eyes pleading, "He, he is coming."

Bbee asks, "Can you prove your Adam?"

Pukk says, "I always said it. You wanted the up-to-date information. You should come to the docks."

Speaking to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Faerinn says, "Probably should get her out of this weather then."

Speaking encouragingly to a brown-haired human woman, Leafiara says, "He is, and you've made it this far. Hang in there."

Bbee says, "Could be a disguise."

Xorus whispers something to Lylia.

Cryheart asks, "Is she expecting some healer?"

Speaking to a brown-haired human woman, Thrassus asks, "Who is he, exactly?"

Speaking softly to Leafiara, Chandrellia asks, "Can we make a room at Thrak's for her to stay?"

Eliaku says, "I need a nigh nurse."

The human woman looks to Thrassus, "The Blood Son."

Speaking heartily to Thrassus, Dwi says, "Imma bettin ferst husband."

Balley softly asks, "The blood son?"

Ukkar exclaims, "I knew it!"

[at this point I lose connection for like 30-45 seconds and come back to...]

As the human woman is led away she keeps saying, "He has to come soon. He needs to come soon. He's my only chance, my only chance..." Her voice trails off with her.

Cryheart says, "Well, Mayor, we need to find out about this Blood Son."

Prendoss raspily asks, "Is she beyond our care, then?"

Speaking to Chandrellia, Leafiara says, "As I was saying, I'm not clear yet on whether this is her home or not, but if she needs a room, certainly."

Further Information

The half-elven dockworker says, "I am sorry, I did not wish to speak more until she was gone."

Falvicar whispers something to Cryheart.

Paiyot asks, "Do you have a name?"

Speaking to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Thrassus asks, "Who is this Blood Son?"

Veridane yells, "Good luck then!"

Speaking softly to Cryheart, Chandrellia says, "This person may be able to help her that is what she means."

Speaking to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Faerinn asks, "Fair enough, Adam. Who is Bloodson?"

Leafiara slowly repeats, "Blood... Son."

Speaking raspily to Leafiara, Prendoss asks, "Very curious, no?"

Alisette whispers aloud, "Blood son."

Chandrellia softly asks, "He studies blood magic doesn't he?"

Speaking to Prendoss, Leafiara says, "Around here, not as curious as it might be in other places..."

Leafiara agrees, "But curious enough to wonder about."

The half-elven dockworker says, "The Blood Son is said to be some great healer, who appeared suddenly, first on the outskirts of the Bleaklands, bringing restoration and enlightenment to, well, anyone as foolish as my sister in law."

Faerinn says, "Sounds like a bloodletting family name."

Myasarie quietly says, "A healer perhaps or someone evil."

Eliaku says, "Is there gonna be blood and carnage, it's kinda getting past my bed time."

Speaking wryly to Faerinn, Cruxophim remarks, "Grishom."

Chamorr heartily says, "Awesome."

Speaking to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Leafiara asks, "Foolish?"

Speaking to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Paiyot asks, "Did he come asking for gifts or favors?"

Lylia asks, "And do you know much about this Blood Son? His appearance, perhaps?"

Speaking to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Hapenlok asks, "Explain that....fooolish how?"

Chamorr heartily says, "Another Chaston."

The half-elven dockworker says, "It is rumored he comes to Wehnimer's Landing soon. So my wife had me bring her sister here. It is her, last chance I suppose, in a way. False or not."

Speaking to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Leafiara clarifies, "So you beliieve the stories of him are overblown?"

The half-elven dockworker says, "Yes."

Eliaku says, "Plot thickens."

Speaking to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Lylia says, "Hope can be a potent medicine too."

Leafiara acknowledges, "Well, rumors do happen. ...and get exaggerated. I suppose time will tell."

Speaking to a massive snowy white tiger, Eliaku says, "You look familiar."

Bbee asks, "Whose blood son are we referring to?"

The half-elven dockworker says, "I know nothing else about the Blood Son, no."

Speaking softly to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Chandrellia asks, "Why would it be false? Do you not beleave this person is who he says is or rumors appear to make him to be?"

Pietra says, "So some kind of faith healer..."

Speaking to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Dhuul says, "Stick to crates."

Balley softly asks, "Is he older or young?"

Mongonator changes his tune, adding a new element to his song...

Mongonator skillfully begins to weave another verse into his harmony.

A sense of peace and calm settles over the area.

Speaking to Mongonator, Eliaku asks, "That necessary?"

Rendena softly says, "I have some things."

Speaking to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Shinann asks, "So, you do not believe he cannot do what she thinks he can?"

The half-elven dockworker says, "But I do not believe he can do what they say he can do. But, I will make her as comfortable as I can in her final days, and play to her hope. It is the most I can do."

Speaking softly to Mongonator, Chandrellia says, "Yes."

Shinann says, "Never mind."

Speaking softly to Mongonator, Chandrellia says, "Thank you."

Dwi heartily says, "Mongo's good at lullybies."

Cryheart says, "Beware of false rophets."

Speaking to Chandrellia, Eliaku says, "Kinda get the feeling you don't like me."

Speaking musingly to Shinann, Leafiara says, "On the chance his healing does actually work, especially since he comes from the Bleaklands, I wonder if Thadston would want him to take a look."

Speaking to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Veridane asks, "So, what exactly is wrong with her?"

The half-elven dockworker says, "My wife needs to move forward. Her sister's illness has taken her to dark places too. I will do all I can, but this will be her resting place. I can give her days of promise. She deserves it."

Speaking softly to Eliaku, Chandrellia says, "Well, when one has a mouth as big as yours seems to be it's not hard."

Speaking raspily to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Prendoss says, "Sympathies to you. This is beyond me, except to offer support."

Speaking defensively to Eliaku, Alisette says, "You will want to watch your tone with my sister, sir."

Speaking to Leafiara, Shinann says, "I will send him a message..."

Speaking quietly to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Myasarie asks, "Might one be so curious as to ask exactly what m'lord's sister in law suffers from that causes the growths on her?"

Eliaku says, "That's a mighty big note you are issuing."

Speaking to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Faerinn says, "I understand that. My sympathies. I hope you do so with little complication."

Speaking to Shinann, Leafiara admits, "Might be a slim chance or even non-existent, but..."

Speaking to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Shinann says, "Any of our healers would be glad to look at her."

Speaking softly to Alisette, Chandrellia says, "It's ok sissy, his ego is bigger then his brain."

The half-elven dockworker says, "She has been ill ever since the krolvin smoke suffocated some coasts. It is gone now, many died, but some still suffer."

Hapenlok whispers something to Leafiara.

Dwi heartily asks, "Where dey burnin krolscum? Anna do dey need fire tenders?"

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "Rendena, me fink someone looking for you in da Town Center."

Speaking heartily to Leafiara, Chamorr says, "What I do, I'm behavin." [Leafi looked at him but meant to look at Chandrellia]

Lylia says, "The krolvin scourge extended beyond Kragnack's death. It was not surprising, but it is saddening to see."

The half-elven dockworker says, "Well, I appreciate you all coming here. I suppose it's a good sign when we're all so bored we test the weight capacity of the docks."

Speaking to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Veridane says, "Special smoke then. I wonder what they're up to with it."

Rendena softly says, "Ok."

The half-elven dockworker says, "But I've work to do. Goodnight all."

Speaking earnestly to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Guarrin says, "I'm sorry for her suffering. I hope she may find some comfort with her family."

Alisette says, "Good night."

Lylia says, "Good evening to you as well, Adam."

Speaking to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Faerinn says, "Goodnight, sailor."

Ukkar asks, "We're allowing this woman into the city?"

Speaking absently to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Hapenlok says, "Carry on then."

Speaking earnestly to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Leafiara says, "Rest well. We'll hope for the best and prepare for the worst."

Speaking lightly to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Cruxophim quips, "I'm not that heavy."

Chamorr heartily says, "Fine."

Speaking to a muscular half-elven dockworker, Veridane says, "Good luck."

Sochestie says, "The most bored-est."

Roelon deeply says, "Ah good thing it is strong enough."

The dockworker bows and heads off down the street, pulling another thin cigar from a pocket of his jacket.

Leafiara adds, "Er, rather... work well."

Discussion Afterward

Ukkar asks, "Carrying whatever... sickness that is?"

Speaking softly to Leafiara, Chandrellia asks, "Do we have a room we can put her in for her stay?"

Cryheart says, "Well..that is all folks."

Chamorr heartily says, "Let's burn the ship."

Thrassus says, "The disease is likely necromantic in nature."

Speaking to Chandrellia, Leafiara asks, "She... seems to have gone off already. Maybe she has somewhere to stay, with family?"

Speaking to Chamorr, Pukk exclaims, "You speak sense!"

Cryheart says, "Nae."

Shinann says, "I do not think it is contagious."

Pietra asks, "So.. is anyone else worried about what she might be carrying here...?"

Fahlo asks, "Did he mention where that smoke had hit the coast?"

Viva says, "He knew of the sickness but did not seemed concerned by it, so I imagine we also have no need to concern ourselves of it, but rather can welcome her."

Eliaku says, "This ought to be good."

Felita says, "I hopes she be okies."

Thrassus says, "Unless it was engineered to be."

The voice of Gutstorm drunkenly exclaims, "Noone kin see me!"

Krampton says, "It's the only way to make sure she don't spread da plague, immolation."

The voice of Zolis deeply says, "Eh."

Faerinn says, "So a faith healer from my neck of the woods is coming at the end of the week and has a totally normal name."

Faerinn says, "Checks out."

The voice of Cryheart asks, "I also worry of a Blood Son coming here...another prophet? an evil prophet?" [someone cast group Invisibility and not everyone realized it at first]

Shinann gestures while calling upon the lesser spirits for aid...

Leafiara pragmatically says, "If it were contagious, I think we'd already have heard stories about that. It's been about a year and a half since those mists were released."

Shinann gestures.

Sochestie is discovered by Shinann!

Raelee is discovered by Shinann!

Dwi is discovered by Shinann!

Cynnathra is discovered by Shinann!

Hapenlok is discovered by Shinann!

Felita is discovered by Shinann!

Chandrellia is discovered by Shinann!

Bernadette is discovered by Shinann!

The voice of Pietra says, "That was.... odd."

Speaking softly to Leafiara, Chandrellia says, "I do not like the fact she has free roam in town with whatever is ailing her, if it can be given to our townsfolks it could be devastating."

Speaking to Shinann, Pukk exclaims, "That was neat!"

The voice of Madmountan says, "Wow, that's lots of folks."

Lylia says, "Precisely so, Mayor."

Krampton says, "Mass inviso, I suddenly felt not so special."

Eliaku says, "Naughty naughty."

The voice of Madmountan says, "Oh, I'm invisible too. Neat."

Cruxophim eagerly requests, "Again!"

Speaking to Chandrellia, Leafiara says, "I think we're safe. Remember, the Empire moved quickly to try to contain the blight here..."

Madmountan says, "Fancy."

Speaking to Chandrellia, Leafiara says, "So if the smoke sickness were a problem, they would have moved on that already as well."

Speaking dismissively to Leafiara, Cruxophim confesses, "I wasn't paying attention. Who's sick??"

Speaking to Chandrellia, Kippe says, "I believe it isn't contagious."

Bbee asks, "What just scraped the ground?"

Speaking in Guildspeak, Hapenlok says something you don't understand.

Speaking amusedly to Cruxophim, Leafiara asks, "Sheesh, *you* weren't paying attention when we're discussing someone named the Blood Son?"

Dwi heartily says, "Somebody be burnin krolbin... dat's a nasty barbecue."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Leafiara says, "Anyway, it's Adam's--the dockworker's--wife's sister who was sick."

Speaking glibly to Leafiara, Cruxophim reminds, "I'm not married yet."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Pietra says, "Valid point, that."

Speaking to Leafiara, Hapenlok says, "Blood son...."

Speaking in Guildspeak, Eliaku says something you don't understand.

Madmountan says, "What if only like, your skin was invisible, but you could see the other parts. I need that in my life."

A large man comes staggering into view, clutching his stomach and his face going red.

Shinann asks, "Has anyone heard of this healer?"

Paiyot says, "Uhh."

Balley softly says, "Oh."

Cruxophim pleasantly notes, "Oh good."

Pukk says, "Uh oh."

Leafiara slowly says, "Well."

Balley softly asks, "Are you ok?"

Alisette says, "A man."

Krampton says, "Knew it."

Krampton says, "Chamorr was right."

Chandrellia softly exclaims, "What's wrong!"

Pukk says, "I don't think he is holding his guts for nothing."

Alisette asks, "What happened?"

Roelon deeply asks, "Bad ale?"

Faerinn says, "Bay's over there."

Cryheart says, "Quarantine the ship and the woman."

Thrassus asks, "Had too much to drink, perhaps?"

Prendoss raspily says, "Oh dear."

Leafiara slowly says, "If you have to vomit--"

Bbee exclaims, "Burn the ship!"

The man stumbles towads the edge of the dock, leans over and suddenly pukes into the waters. He then reels back, staggering as he laughs a hearty laugh and belches. "Helga's stew is lacking tonight for sure!"

Xorus says, "Never eat the stew."

Shinann says, "Oh... well that is normal."

Pukk exclaims, "It's the withering dwarf disease made by the imps!"

Cruxophim placidly mentions, "It's not, trust me."

Leafiara amusedly repeats, "Tonight, right."

Roelon deeply says, "Bad stew."

Dwi heartily exclaims, "Hah! Dat's her good stuff!"

Guarrin asks, "People still eat that?"

Faerinn says, "Yeah, our local food poisoning provisioner."

Chandrellia softly exclaims, "Cool off!"

The large man suddenly looks at the crowd, wide-eyed, " Why you all looking at me like that?"

Roelon deeply says, "Ye think it would get better with age."

Bbee exclaims, "It's a plague ship, burn it!"

Cryheart says, "Ye want to take a swim."

Dwi heartily says, "Cause ye barfed."

Leafiara amusedly assures, "Just... nerves."

Chandrellia softly says, "Go for a swim."

Prendoss raspily says, "We might have some menu recommendations in the future, good sir."

Pukk says, "We thought you was going to keel over and die."

Fahlo says, "Save some socks for the rest of us."

Cruxophim explains, "I'm hungry."

Pukk says, "I think a couple here would find that amusing."

The large man shrugs and hiccups. He stumbles out of sight.

Speaking to Cruxophim, Pietra asks, "Vomiting makes you hungry?"

Dwi heartily says, "Helga's stew is fine..long as ye wait a week tween doses."

Chamorr heartily says, "Good grief."

Eliaku whispers something to Shinann.

Pukk says, "That was a big man....I think he is related to Madmountan."

Speaking carefully to Pietra, Cruxophim muses, "Not...exactly."

Pukk says, "Or Chamorr."

Cruxophim affably states, "Speaking of, dinnertime.. night all."

Leafiara says, "He sure runs quick."

Cryheart says, "Good evening all."

Faerinn says, "Just having a normal one then. Good night all."

Bernadette softly says, "Nite."

Rendena softly says, "No one was looking for me."

Leafiara amiably says, "Well, a little bit of excitement at least."

Alisette exclaims, "Good evening!"

Shinann says, "That poor woman."

Leafiara muses, "Week's end for the Blood Son, huh..."

Prendoss raspily says, "Believe I might be off then. Need to see a few orcs about a couple of things."

Pukk yells, "Sir Molasses! You left us here!"

Chamorr heartily says, "Sheesh."

Speaking to Leafiara, Hapenlok says, "Hmmm."

Pukk yells, "You slacker!"

Bbee says, "Still think it would have bbeen more interesting to just bburn the ship and smite them."

Chamorr heartily says, "Night Landin."

Chandrellia recites softly:

"Join Chamorr"

Speaking to Leafiara, Hapenlok says, "Interesting."

Speaking to Leafiara, Alisette says, "Will be interesting to learn more of him, since he is a healer."

Leafiara says, "Comes out of the Bleaklands..."

Speaking in Dwarven, Dwi heartily asks something you don't understand.

Pukk recites:

"Everybody join Leafiara!"

Speaking to Leafiara, Hapenlok says, "Like Raznel some point."

Speaking to Chandrellia, Pukk says, "That is how it's done."

Speaking pointedly to Leafiara, Hapenlok repeats, "Like Raznel."

Chamorr heartily says, "Night Landin."

Speaking absently to Shinann, Leafiara says, "I wonder, actually, if... Thadston *already* encountered him and that's how most of his wounds were healed."

Speaking to Leafiara, Viva says, "Perhaps the blood in town by the inn has also something to do with this Blood Son."

Krampton says, "Too much shenanigans."

Leafiara amusedly says, "Some of you are really interested in invisibility spells tonight." [someone had cast again]

Speaking to Viva, Leafiara says, "I thought of it, but... he's not here."

Speaking to Viva, Leafiara speculates, "Maybe it's the sign of his followers or devotees."

Speaking to Viva, Leafiara adds, "Like their invitation to him to go there."

(OOC) Hapenlok's player whispers to the group, "Seriously, I don't air lore, so don't look at me for that group invis nonsense."

Leafiara says, "I suppose that's it for the night... join up and we can head to the square."

Balley softly says, "I am going home to focus on a few things."

Leafiara exclaims, "And rest well, to those going to bed!"

Bernadette softly says, "Mebbe so."

Your surroundings blur into a white fog . . .


A well maintained and healthy garden occupies the entirety of the courtyard. The air here is cool and crisp, but the bulk of the monastery shelters you from wind and makes the air bracing instead of chilling. In the center of the garden is a natural spring bubbling up several inches above the surface of the encircling pool of crystal clear water. A large stone and iron gate blocks the entrance to the monastery flanked by a statue of a woman carrying a crystal staff and a set of crystalline keys facing a second statue of a kneeling young man bedecked in battle-worn black chain armor. You also see a sable tiger, a large fel tree and a scorched black marble bench with some stuff on it.

Leafiara musingly says, "Or, you know, to Voln. Sure."

Speaking to Leafiara, Hapenlok says, "Well, let's see who this person is, I guess."

Speaking wryly to Hapenlok, Leafiara says, "Readying the plan to kill."

Speaking to Leafiara, Hapenlok says, "If it's benevolnet-ish? I might be able to get some insight into a problem before I kill it."

Speaking to Leafiara, Hapenlok says, " know, my particular problem."

Leafiara says, "The last mysterious figure out of nowhere to come from the Bleaklands delivered a bleakstone statue to us."

Pukk says, "I saw Happy's checklist once. It had the word Kill with a box next to it. It was his daily to-do list."

Gutstorm wails!

Speaking sympathetically to Gutstorm, Leafiara says, "I know, you miss it."