Bugs on Parade

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Bugs on Parade is a line of items meant to bring out the child in everyone and allow them to wander around Elanthia capturing bugs. There is a jar that can be used to PEER into the secret world of insects and then, with a good SHAKE, used to capture replicas of the little darlings.

Items in the Series

  • Bugs on Parade Bug Jar, used to discover and create replicas of insects
  • Paper Bugs, created by the Bugs on Parade Jar that can be pointed at paper to transfer a bug-centric design.
  • Gemstone Bugs bugs that are gemstones and can be added to items that accept gemstones.
  • Candy Bugs that can be eaten
  • Specimen Boards that can be used to display your precious findings and store them for you.

Items that Can Use Bugs

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