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This page lists all the Caprine Family creatures found in Elanthia.

Caprine creatures are quadrupeds and are related to bovine creatures. They share many characteristics, including cloven hooves and horns found primarily on the males of the species. The biggest difference between the two families is their size, as those within the caprine family are more medium size, with sleeker builds. Goats, sheep, roltons, and gnarps are classified here.

Creature Level Location
Black rolton 1 Ta'Vaalor
Mountain rolton 1 Wehnimer's Landing
Rolton 1 Icemule Trace, River's Rest, Wehnimer's Landing
Spotted gnarp 1 Ta'Vaalor
Zombie rolton 1 Icemule Trace, River's Rest, Solhaven
Bresnahanini rolton 3 Solhaven
Mountain goat 17 Ta'Illistim
Bighorn sheep 18 Ta'Illistim


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