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This category lists creatures by family.

Main Families

This listing is for families with five or more creatures listed within them.

  • Arachnids are creatures with a body composition similar to both insects, but instead of six appendages, have a total of eight, along with eight eyes.
  • Bears are large quadruped creatures with stocky legs, a long snout, shaggy hair, paws containing five claws, and a short tail.
  • Birds are characterized by having feathers, a toothless beaked jaw, and a lightweight skeleton that aids in flight.
  • Bovine creatures are herbivorous quadrupeds, like cows, distinguished by their cloven hooves horns most notably found on the male of the species. This category also contains the subcategory for caprine creatures, which encompasses sheep and goats.
  • Canines are carnivorous quadruped creatures and are distinguished by their large size, massive skulls and teeth, long legs, and short ears.
  • Chimeras creatures that are formed from parts of various creatures (not just two), most commonly as a result of mortal intervention as opposed to natural evolution.
  • Elemental creatures consist primarily of creatures that have an elemental body type. Included in this family are other creatures whose bodies consist primarily of the elements.
  • Equines are quadruped creatures that are often used as beasts of burden or as a method of travel
  • Felines carnivorous quadrupeds with retractile claws, muscular bodies, and strong forelimbs.
  • Giants are very large creatures, sometimes standing more than three times as tall as the tallest giantman. Included in this family are Grimswarm.
  • Gnolls are creatures with characteristics similar to dwarves and gnomes.
  • Golems are magical creatures constructed with specific materials (e.g., bone, lava, and the night sky).
  • Humanoids have a bipedal body type and characteristics resembling humans, but may not be specifically being human themselves. This category includes: fey family, ghosts, ghouls, Reivers, Wights, witches, wraiths, and zombies.
  • Ithzir creatures are extraplanar beings that dwell in Old Ta'Faendryl.
  • Krolvin are biped creatures that are adept at seafaring.
  • Ogres are large fearsome creatures that roam in all regions of Elanthia across a various range of levels.
  • Orcs are warmongering creatures that roam in all regions of Elanthia across a wide range of levels. Included in this family are Grimswarm.
  • Reptilian creatures can vary in size and body type, and typically have scaled skin.
  • Rodents vary in size and location, but can be identified by their continuously growing incisors that often need to be filed down while doing any number of activities.
  • Suine creatures typically have a large head with a long snout ending in a nose with outward facing nostrils, a bulky body, and short, thin legs ending in feet with four-hoofed toes.
  • Tritons are bipedal creatures that reside in the underwater temple of Nelemar.
  • Trolls are large, fearsome creatures whose blood has been known to possess regenerative properties.


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