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Categories of creature families.

Official Simutronics Creature Family Designations (only official bestiary creatures listed)
Name Level Family Type Undead
Agresh troll chieftain 20 Agresh Biped No
Agresh troll scout 14 Agresh Biped No
Agresh bear 16 Agresh Quadruped No
Agresh troll warrior 16 Agresh Biped No
aivren 86 aivren Avian No
giant ant 1 ant Insect No
fire ant 1 ant Insect No
dark apparition 5 apparition Biped Yes
Arachne acolyte 23 Arachne Biped No
Arachne priest 26 Arachne Biped No
Arachne servant 21 Arachne Biped No
mammoth arachnid 30 arachnid Arachnid No
luminescent arachnid 15 arachnid Arachnid No
baesrukha 42 baesrukha Biped Yes
banshee 50 banshee Biped Yes
barghest 35 barghest Quadruped Yes
crested basilisk 22 basilisk Quadruped No
undertaker bat 36 bat undertaker No
red bear 16 bear Quadruped No
polar bear 44 bear Quadruped No
cave bear 21 bear Quadruped No
grizzly bear 38 bear Quadruped No
black bear 16 bear Quadruped No
great brown bear 14 bear Quadruped No
sand beetle 33 beetle Insect No
giant fog beetle 32 beetle Insect No
dust beetle 36 beetle Insect No
gnarled being 82 being Biped No
forest bendith 40 bendith Biped No
brown boar 14 boar quadruped No
black boar 14 boar Quadruped No
massive black boar 59 boar Quadruped No
great boar 10 boar Quadruped No
ridgeback boar 15 boar Quadruped No
bobcat 5 bobcat Quadruped No
tawny brindlecat 13 brindlecat Quadruped No
scaly burgee 29 burgee Quadruped No
caedera 82 caedera Worm No
carceris 25 carceris Biped Yes
caribou 32 caribou Quadruped No
fire cat 18 cat Quadruped No
centaur 23 centaur Hybrid Quadruped No
rotting chimera 46 chimera Quadruped Yes
ethereal mage apprentice 54 Citadel soldier Biped Yes
phantasmal bestial swordsman 62 Citadel soldier Biped Yes
rotting Citadel arbalester 58 Citadel soldier Biped Yes
putrefied Citadel herald 60 Citadel soldier Biped Yes
decaying Citadel guardsman 56 Citadel soldier Biped Yes
cobra 4 cobra Reptilian No
cockatrice 6 cockatrice Hybrid Reptillian No
snowy cockatrice 6 cockatrice Hybrid No
plumed cockatrice 13 cockatrice Hybrid No
greater construct 96 construct Biped No
lesser construct 83 construct Biped No
rotting corpse 32 corpse Biped Yes
frozen corpse 42 corpse Biped Yes
cougar 22 cougar Quadruped No
coyote 5 coyote Quadruped No
crystal crab 8 crab Crustacean No
pale crab 2 crab Crustacean No
crocodile 9 crocodile Reptilian No
snow crone 36 crone Biped No
csetairi 76 csetairi Hybrid Biped No
cyclops 27 cyclops Biped No
black-winged daggerbeak 1 daggerbeak Avian No
darken 28 darken Hybrid Biped No
darkwoode 13 darkwoode Plantlife Yes
sand devil 48 devil Reptilian No
death dirge 9 dirge Biped Yes
dobrem 28 dog Quadruped No
wild dog 32 dog Quadraped No
rabid guard dog 10 dog Quadruped No
hunch-backed dogmatist 70 dogmatist biped No
krag dweller 72 dweller Biped No
dybbuk 48 dybbuk Hybrid Yes
moor eagle 35 eagle eagle No
blood eagle 7 eagle Avian No
eidolon 55 eidolon Biped Yes
earth elemental 82 elemental elemental No
water elemental 92 elemental elemental No
greater water elemental 105 elemental elemental No
lesser ice elemental 53 elemental Elemental No
ice elemental 63 elemental Elemental No
fire elemental 60 elemental Elemental No
greater earth elemental 88 elemental elemental No
lesser faeroth 46 faeroth Biped No
greater faeroth 50 faeroth Biped No
farlook 77 farlook farlook No
rotting farmhand 32 farmhand Biped Yes
fenghai 23 fenghai Biped No
hooded figure 30 figure Biped No
firephantom 6 firephantom Elemental Yes
spectral fisherman 6 fisherman Biped Yes
shimmering fungus 35 fungus Plantlife No
brown gak 2 gak Quadruped No
striped gak 3 gak Quadruped No
spotted gak 2 gak Quadruped No
stone gargoyle 39 gargoyle Biped No
lesser stone gargoyle 27 gargoyle Biped No
ghost 2 ghost Biped Yes
ancient ghoul master 21 ghoul biped Yes
elder ghoul master 18 ghoul biped Yes
greater ghoul 3 ghoul Biped Yes
lesser ghoul 1 ghoul Biped Yes
frost giant 38 giant Biped No
tundra giant 34 giant biped No
lesser ice giant 41 giant Biped No
stone giant 58 giant Biped No
greater ice giant 46 giant Biped No
storm giant 39 giant Biped No
fire giant 36 giant Biped No
minor glacei 42 glacei Elemental No
major glacei 47 glacei Elemental No
spotted gnarp 1 gnarp Quadruped No
gnoll thief 13 gnoll Biped No
gnoll ranger 15 gnoll Biped No
gnoll jarl 25 gnoll Biped No
gnoll priest 20 gnoll Biped No
gnoll guard 17 gnoll Biped No
gnoll worker 10 gnoll Biped No
cave gnoll 3 gnoll Biped No
cave gnome 2 gnome Biped No
mountain goat 17 goat Quadraped No
fanged goblin 2 goblin goblin No
goblin 2 goblin Biped No
huge mein golem 37 golem Biped No
lava golem 56 golem Biped No
soul golem 63 golem Biped Yes
night golem 5 golem Biped No
ice golem 53 golem Biped No
flesh golem 50 golem Biped Yes
bone golem 8 golem Biped Yes
crystal golem 12 golem Biped No
steel golem 20 golem Biped No
dhu goleras 78 goleras Hybrid No
massive grahnk 20 grahnk biped No
nasty little gremlin 5 gremlin Biped No
gremlock 84 gremlock Biped No
storm griffin 73 griffin Hybrid No
lesser griffin 69 griffin Hybrid No
war griffin 100 griffin Hybrid No
grifflet 64 griffin Hybrid No
slimy little grub 1 grub Worm No
Grutik shaman 29 Grutik Biped No
Grutik savage 27 Grutik Biped No
fire guardian 16 guardian Elemental No
cold guardian 34 guardian Elemental No
wall guardian 11 guardian Biped No
ash hag 31 hag Biped No
swamp hag 42 hag hag No
giant hawk-owl 28 hawk-owl Avian No
emaciated hierophant 66 hierophant emaciated No
hisskra chieftain 34 hisskra Biped No
hisskra warrior 30 hisskra Biped No
hisskra shaman 33 hisskra Biped No
hobgoblin 3 hobgoblin Biped No
mongrel hobgoblin 5 hobgoblin Biped No
hobgoblin shaman 7 hobgoblin Biped No
greenwing hornet 18 hornet Insect No
wild hound 31 hound Quadruped No
moor hound 33 hound hound No
ice hound 24 hound Quadruped No
Illoke elder 86 Illoke biped No
Illoke shaman 67 Illoke biped No
Illoke mystic 62 Illoke biped No
Illoke jarl 89 Illoke biped No
Ithzir janissary 92 Ithzir Biped No
Ithzir herald 93 Ithzir Biped No
Ithzir adept 96 Ithzir Biped No
Ithzir scout 89 Ithzir Biped No
Ithzir seer 97 Ithzir Biped No
Ithzir initiate 91 Ithzir Biped No
greater kappa 7 kappa Biped No
ki-lin 28 ki-lin Quadruped No
kiramon worker 40 kiramon Insect No
kiramon defender 46 kiramon Insect No
mongrel kobold 4 kobold Biped No
kobold shepherd 3 kobold Biped No
big ugly kobold 2 kobold biped No
kobold 1 kobold Biped No
krolvin mercenary 17 krolvin Biped No
krolvin corsair 38 krolvin corsair No
rotting krolvin pirate 18 krolvin Biped Yes
krolvin slaver 36 krolvin slaver No
krolvin warrior 19 krolvin Biped No
krolvin warfarer 25 krolvin Biped No
krynch 31 krynch Biped No
greater krynch 84 krynch biped No
spotted leaper 4 leaper Quadruped No
leaper 6 leaper Quadruped No
snow leopard 27 leopard Quadruped No
mastodonic leopard 44 leopard Quadruped No
black leopard 15 leopard Quadruped No
monastic lich 27 lich Biped Yes
mountain lion 18 lion Quadruped No
plains lion 18 lion Quadruped No
siren lizard 42 lizard Reptilian No
cave lizard 18 lizard Reptillian No
spectral lord 36 lord Biped Yes
raving lunatic 77 lunatic Biped No
spotted lynx 6 lynx Quadruped No
snow madrinol 52 madrinol Quadruped No
fire mage 71 mage Biped No
magru 37 magru Unknown No
wooly mammoth 52 mammoth Quadruped No
arctic manticore 29 manticore Quadruped No
manticore 9 manticore Quadruped No
ghostly mara 32 mara Biped No
night mare 43 mare Quadruped Yes
shadow mare 37 mare Quadruped Yes
giant marmot 10 marmot Quadruped No
ghoul master 16 master Biped Yes
stone mastiff 62 Mastiff Quadraped No
mezic 33 mezic Biped No
spectral miner 40 miner Biped Yes
lesser minotaur 74 minotaur Biped No
minotaur warrior 76 minotaur Biped No
minotaur magus 78 minotaur Biped No
water moccasin 4 moccasin Reptilian No
spectral monk 25 monk Biped Yes
monkey 6 monkey Biped No
glacial morph 56 morph Hybrid Biped No
moulis 75 moulis Unknown No
lesser mummy 6 mummy Biped Yes
myklian 40 myklian Reptilian No
n'ecare 87 n'ecare Biped Yes
naisirc 75 naisirc Hybrid Yes
cave nipper 3 nipper Reptilian No
nonomino 23 nonomino Biped Yes
sea nymph 2 nymph Biped No
plains ogre 17 ogre Biped No
mountain ogre 16 ogre Biped No
fire ogre 28 ogre Biped No
large ogre 15 ogre Biped No
ogre warrior 20 ogre Biped No
forest ogre 17 ogre Biped No
black forest ogre 60 ogre Biped No
greater orc 8 orc Biped No
plains orc scout 17 orc Biped No
dark orc 12 orc Biped No
silverback orc 14 orc Biped No
plains orc shaman 18 orc Biped No
plains orc chieftain 21 Orc Biped No
greater burrow orc 8 orc biped No
lesser burrow orc 7 orc biped No
raider orc 10 orc Biped No
grey orc 14 orc Biped No
Neartofar orc 11 orc Biped No
lesser red orc 7 orc biped No
plains orc warrior 16 orc Biped No
ridge orc 4 orc Biped No
lesser orc 6 orc Biped No
panther 15 panther panther No
dark panther 22 panther dark No
black panther 17 panther quadruped No
phantasma 42 phantasma Biped Yes
moaning phantom 2 phantom biped Yes
phantom 2 phantom Biped Yes
ghostly pooka 33 pooka Quadruped Yes
pra'eda 29 pra'eda Biped No
Arachne priestess 26 priest biped No
humpbacked puma 15 puma quadruped No
puma 15 puma Quadruped No
arctic puma 15 puma quadruped No
massive pyrothag 58 pyrothag Biped No
lich qyn'arj 84 qyn'arj lich Yes
dreadnought raptor 43 raptor Avian No
giant rat 1 rat Quadruped No
fire rat 16 rat Quadruped No
banded rattlesnake 16 rattlesnake Ophidian No
reiver 24 reiver Biped No
burly reiver 24 reiver Biped No
veteran reiver 24 reiver Biped No
striped relnak 3 relnak Quadruped No
relnak 3 relnak Reptilian No
revenant 4 revenant Biped Yes
roa'ter wormling 24 roa'ter Worm No
roa'ter 41 roa'ter Worm No
rock troll zombie 34 rock troll zombie Yes
fanged rodent 1 rodent Quadruped No
mountain rolton 1 rolton quadruped No
black rolton 1 rolton Quadruped No
rolton 1 rolton Quadruped No
Bresnahanini rolton 3 rolton Quadruped No
zombie rolton 1 rolton Quadruped Yes
fire salamander 3 salamander Reptilian No
giant albino scorpion 24 scorpion Insect No
seeker 52 seeker Biped Yes
stone sentinel 53 sentinel Biped No
deranged sentry 13 sentry Biped No
seraceris 78 seraceris Biped Yes
gaunt spectral servant 44 servant Biped Yes
lesser frost shade 2 shade Biped Yes
lesser shade 2 shade Biped Yes
warrior shade 48 shade Biped No
spectral shade 35 shade Biped Yes
dark shambler 17 shambler Biped No
shan warrior 42 shan Biped No
shan wizard 42 shan Biped No
shan cleric 42 shan Biped No
shan ranger 42 shan Biped No
bighorn sheep 18 sheep Quadraped No
shelfae chieftain 11 shelfae Hybrid Reptilian No
shelfae soldier 7 shelfae Hybrid Reptilian No
shelfae warlord 18 shelfae Hybrid Reptilian No
Sheruvian harbinger 63 Sheruvian Biped No
Sheruvian monk 41 Sheruvian Biped No
Sheruvian initiate 37 Sheruvian Biped No
firethorn shoot 44 shoot Plantlife No
shrickhen 76 shrickhen Hybrid Yes
siren 96 siren biped No
Mistydeep siren 2 siren Mistydeep No
skayl 54 skayl Unknown No
skeletal soldier 34 skeleton soldier Yes
skeletal lord 41 skeleton Biped Yes
skeleton 1 skeleton Biped Yes
skeletal warhorse 37 skeleton Quadruped Yes
ice skeleton 3 skeleton Biped Yes
skeletal giant 33 skeleton Biped Yes
animated slush 54 slush Amorphous No
young grass snake 1 snake Ophidian No
necrotic snake 48 snake Ophidian Yes
mountain snowcat 3 snowcat Quadruped No
lost soul 91 soul Biped Yes
shadowy spectre 14 spectre Biped Yes
snow spectre 9 spectre Biped Yes
spectre 14 spectre Biped Yes
bog spectre 47 spectre Biped No
greater ice spider 3 spider Arachnid No
giant albino tomb spider 30 spider arachnid No
albino tomb spider 8 spider arachnid No
greater spider 8 spider Arachnid No
major spider 20 spider Arachnid No
brown spinner 9 spinner Arachnid No
tree spirit 26 spirit Plantlife Yes
moaning spirit 28 spirit Biped Yes
elder tree spirit 30 spirit plantlife Yes
maw spore 33 spore Plantlife No
wood sprite 38 sprite Biped No
fire sprite 64 sprite Biped No
rabid squirrel 2 squirrel Quadruped No
great stag 13 stag Quadruped No
shadow steed 38 steed Quadruped Yes
nightmare steed 55 steed Quadruped Yes
muscular supplicant 67 supplicant muscular No
festering taint 86 taint Biped No
three-toed tegu 33 tegu Quadruped No
red-scaled thrak 48 thrak Quadruped No
thrak 8 thrak Quadruped No
mottled thrak 8 thrak Quadruped No
thyril 2 thyril Biped No
sabre-tooth tiger 53 tiger Quadruped No
arctic titan 36 titan biped No
forest trali shaman 44 trali biped No
forest trali 46 trali biped No
spectral triton defender 98 triton biped Yes
ethereal triton sentry 103 triton biped Yes
triton dissembler 94 triton biped No
triton radical 100 triton biped No
triton executioner 96 triton biped No
triton combatant 98 triton biped No
triton magus 102 triton biped No
troglodyte 3 troglodyte Biped No
cave troll 16 troll Biped No
Neartofar troll 15 troll Biped No
massive troll king 63 troll Biped No
hill troll 16 troll Biped No
swamp troll 14 troll Biped No
skeletal ice troll 31 troll Biped Yes
troll chieftain 27 troll Biped No
tomb troll necromancer 54 troll Biped No
tomb troll 52 troll Biped No
mongrel troll 16 troll biped No
war troll 18 troll Biped No
bog troll 35 troll bog No
greater bog troll 39 troll bog No
jungle troll 26 troll biped No
forest troll 14 troll Biped No
stone troll 55 troll Biped No
jungle troll chieftain 30 troll biped No
mountain troll 17 troll Biped No
thunder troll 18 troll Biped No
ice troll 29 troll Biped No
lava troll 34 troll Biped No
hunter troll 30 troll Biped No
red tsark 66 tsark Reptilian No
spiked cavern urchin 17 urchin Urchin No
urgh 4 urgh Quadruped No
black urgh 4 urgh Qudruped No
tusked ursian 37 ursian Quadruped No
vaespilon 93 vaespilon Hybrid Biped Yes
giant veaba 17 veaba Hybrid Quadruped No
velnalin 3 velnalin Quadruped No
spotted velnalin 3 velnalin Quadruped No
nedum vereri 18 vereri Biped Yes
vesperti 38 vesperti Biped No
tree viper 24 viper ophidian No
fanged viper 4 viper Ophidian No
black forest viper 59 viper Ophidian No
horned vor'taz 48 vor'taz Biped No
dark vortece 42 vortece Unknown No
vourkha 39 vourkha Biped Yes
greater vruul 75 vruul Hybrid Biped Yes
lesser vruul 45 vruul Hybrid Biped Yes
colossus vulture 34 vulture Avian No
Vvrael witch 82 Vvrael Biped No
Vvrael warlock 84 Vvrael Biped No
white vysan 3 vysan Biped No
dark vysan 3 vysan Biped No
waern 49 waern Quadruped Yes
striped warcat 20 warcat Quadruped No
ghostly warrior 18 warrior Biped Yes
spectral warrior 34 warrior Biped Yes
warthog 22 warthog Quadraped No
wasp nest 43 wasp Wasp No
cinder wasp 46 wasp Insect No
mud wasp 38 wasp Insect No
giant weasel 14 weasel Quadruped No
werebear 10 werebear Quadruped Yes
whiptail 4 whiptail Quadruped No
greater moor wight 39 wight Biped Yes
lesser moor wight 37 wight Biped Yes
wood wight 20 wight Biped Yes
arch wight 20 wight Biped Yes
bog wight 44 wight Biped Yes
tomb wight 15 wight Biped Yes
moor witch 34 witch Biped No
wind witch 16 witch Biped No
water witch 5 witch Biped No
ghost wolf 16 wolf Quadruped Yes
mongrel wolfhound 16 wolfhound Quadruped No
wolfshade 15 wolfshade Quadruped Yes
wolverine 24 wolverine Quadruped No
arctic wolverine 24 wolverine Quadruped No
rotting woodsman 23 woodsman Biped Yes
spectral woodsman 35 woodsman Biped Yes
phosphorescent worm 16 worm Worm No
carrion worm 1 worm Worm No
cave worm 10 worm Worm No
bog wraith 41 wraith bog Yes
troll wraith 35 wraith troll Yes
ice wraith 45 wraith Biped Yes
wind wraith 63 wraith Biped Yes
mist wraith 5 wraith Biped Yes
wraith 15 wraith Biped Yes
water wyrd 35 wyrd wyrd No
yeti 67 yeti Biped No
krag yeti 70 yeti Biped No
zombie 23 zombie Biped Yes
crazed zombie 23 zombie Biped Yes


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